Bringing You the Number Two’s!

It takes a while to get these issues done with the budget restraints we’re on, but we’re hoping with the moves we’ve made this year, that will get better. In the meantime, to all our patient fans out there, Thank You, and we want you to know we’re working. We have both Quinn-Finity #2 and Proton #2 in the Que right now! They will release this year, Quinn-Finity #2 this summer, and Proton #2 not too far behind it in late summer/early fall. Both Ruben and Brian are grinding out the art, and the quality of these books is top notch in my opinion!

If you haven’t picked up the first issues of either, we’ll be at Tidewater Comicon this weekend, May 13th,14th, at Table AA1023! We’re also in Richmond Comix, Velocity Comics, and Local Heroes, and as of right now Proton #0 and #1 are available on Comixology, with Blackhole Universe #1 and Quinn-Finity #1 available this summer!

As “proof of life” I thought it would be pretty cool to let loose some preview art from the #2’s in the works, so check these out!

We’re really excited about all the projects we’re planning on getting out this year, and we’re pushing to get them out as soon as possible, so stay tuned! Until then remember; The World is Ours to Make!

-Nick Flair!

Blackhole Comics Returns to Tidewater Comicon!

May 13th  and 14th, Blackhole Comics returns to Tidewater Comicon in Virginia Beach! It was a great show last year with awesome folks, a fun atmosphere, and some great Cos-players!!! We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come back again!

Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, Nick Flair will not be there, but he’ll pre-sign copies of Proton, Blackhole Universe, and Quinn-Finity in limited supply! Hurry and be one of the first one’s there to get the creator’s signature! We’ll also have some limited edition variants for some of the books, prints, sketch cards, and Tee-Shirt samples for you to check out! If you like the Tee’s we’ll be taking orders, and shipping them directly to your home!

We’ll be all the way in the back at table AA 1023, and would love to see you there! If you’re going to be in the neighborhood come out! It’s a great comic convention experience!!!

Catch up on Proton through Comixology!!!

With Proton issues #0 &1 both now available digitally at, I wanted to take a look back at the last couple of years and all the awesome art that’s featured Proton and crew! Ruben Rojas, Daniel Govar, John Johnston, JJ Murphy, and Brian Middleton Jr have all featured some art with these characters, and I thought it would be cool to put it all into one gallery side by side!

In 2017 we have more Proton in the works. The goal is to get out issues 2-3 and wrap up the first story arc “The Legacy Left”! From issue #0 to issue #3 will be a road long traveled, and set the tone for the series really well!

If you haven’t read anything on Proton the story starts in Issue #0 as we follow the premiere hero of his galaxy, Proton, as he fights Giant rock creatures, an evil armada, and his arch-nemesis to save his home planet of Vellia.

After the epic battle, secrets are revealed in issue #1 that introduce us to two boys who may or may not be brothers.  They both have trained and prepared to someday take on the family mantle of Proton, but because there has always been only one heir in the lineage, this seems impossible!

Imagine finding out you have a brother that you never met,  you can’t prove or disprove, and never thought could possibly even exist! Would you like him? Would you accept him? Would you resent and even hate him? It certainly adds a twist to a sibling rivalry!

Get caught up on the series at Comixology, then look back here for updates on when issue #2 will arrive! In the mean time, enjoy some of the awesome art by these amazing artists in the gallery below!

And as always remember; The World is Ours to Make!

-Nick Flair

Finding our Identity

Its been a crazy road so far in the last 3 years for us here at Blackhole Comics! We’ve gone from printing a handful ashcans at Office Max to printing full sized issues in much larger print runs, we’ve got our books in multiple comic shops, and we’ve gone from selling nothing at conventions to breaking even! We’ve found some amazing artists to work with like Daniel Govar, Ruben Rojas, Brian Middleton, Luca Cicognola, Anderson Carman, Kieth Silverman, Antonio Crew, JJ Murphy, Chauncey Blakey, and John Johnston! I also like to think we found a little bit more about ourselves as well…

Our tone and our style isn’t the same as Marvel or DC, we aren’t as gritty as Image or Vertigo, we aren’t as dark or as adult as some of the other guys out there, and that’s ok. It’s not to say those sort of stories aren’t enjoyable, or even that they aren’t in our future, I think what it says is we’re focusing on light hearted superhero comics. I think that with the dark overtones in a lot of the superhero stuff out there right now, that’s a good thing.

We know that our target audience isn’t necessarily the guy that picks up 20 books a week at the comic shop, but maybe he’ll like it too, and add it to his list. We’re maybe better suited to some of the younger kids that want to get into reading comics, and need something of their own, something their generation can grow with. It’s good to know who your audience is, and I think we’re starting to figure that out.  As we near completion of our 3rd different title, Quinn-Finity, we still have so many characters and so much story to tell, we can only hope you’ll be patient with us as we do our best to grind it all out!!!

Being a small local self publisher, we’re doing our best with the resources we have. We’ve come a long way, and plan to go even farther! We hope you’ll stick along for the ride. 😉 Until then though, I hope you’ll enjoy this teaser poster of things to come by Ruben Rojas! Follow us on twitter @BlackholeComics to get more info on the characters!


And of course remember… The World is Ours to Make!

-Nick Flair!

What’s Next for Blackhole Comics?

With Proton #1 finished and in print, I’m excited to finally officially announce our next book to release by summer’s end… Quinn-Finity! This will be an all ages book written by Nick Flair, with art by Brian Middleton Jr!

Quinn-Finity Promo Art by Brian Middleton Jr.
Quinn-Finity Promo Art by Brian Middleton Jr.

Quinn is a girl with a great imagination, and combined with her superhero obsession, has led to an almost infinite number of alter egos! Whether it’s the Popcorn Kid, or Razzle Dazzle, Quinn is always powered up for some super adventure! The question is though… Are these adventures all in her imagination? Or are there more Cosmic forces at work…

Writing Quinn-Finity is maybe the most fun I’ve had writing ever, and I’m excited to share it with the world! We’ll work hard to get it out to you guys as soon as we can. Taking cues from the likes of Power Puff Girls, and Adventure Time, this book is going to be pretty off the wall crazy fun!  I really think you can enjoy it whether you’re 5 or 50!

Keep your eyes peeled here for updates as we get closer to release!

-Nick Flair!

And the Winner is…

First of, sorry for posting these results a day late! Things got pretty hectic, and we had some technical difficulties! Starting at Free Comic Book Day in May, Blackhole Comics held a sketch card contest, where anyone could get a blank card at any event we attended, or at Richmond Comix, and draw one of our characters on it! The best card would receive some great prizes  including a matching paired set of Proton sketch cards from John Johnston, and a signed copy of his variant of Proton #1! We got some cool cards entered in, and here are the top 3!!!

In Third Place:

Max Williams with his awesome Cynical card!



In Second Place:

Nicholas Henion paying tribute to his favorite Blackhole Comics Hero, The Brick!!!



And The Winner Is… Maria Gabriela Ochoa Perez!!! She drew a very dynamic black and white card featuring Sara Squires. A spy deep within the Five Headed Dragon Clan, Sara Squires is going to be featured in the second issue of Blackhole Universe! This card’s detail, and great contrast made it the favorite among the Blackhole Comics Staff, securing it’s place as the winner. Congrats!!!



Thanks again to everyone that participated, and congratulations to our top finishers!!! This contest was alot of fun, and we loved all the great art submitted! You proved the World is Ours to Make!!!

Heroes Con Discounts in the Blackhole Comics Shop!!!

Can’t go to Heroes Con this year? Still want some awesome comic swag at a discounted price though? Here’s your chance!!! Help support future Blackhole Comics projects, and look awesome while doing it! Go to our  Shop, pick your favorite tee, and enter promo code HeroesCon to get 15% off your cart! Check out some of the great designs below including the new “Passing the Torch” design featuring the cover art of Proton #1 by Ruben Rojas!!! This special Heroes Con discount will only be in effect for a limited time, so take advantage while you can!!!

If you’re lucky enough to be at the convention, swing by, pick up our books on the cheap, and say hello to Blackhole Comics Cover Artist John Johnston!!! We’re hanging out at Tables AA-1827 and AA-1828!!!

hc-diagram-flat marked

Check us out at Heroes Con THIS WEEKEND!!!

This Friday the 17th through Sunday the 19th, Blackhole Comics will be setup at Heroes Con in the Charlotte Convention Center at Tables 1827 & 1828 in Artist Alley! Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict writer/creator Nick Flair will not be able to attend, but cover artist John Johnston will be manning the ship! He’ll be signing his cover to the newly released Proton #1, and taking commissions, so be sure to swing by!!!

hc-diagram-flat marked

We’ll have copies of all of our books to date including Proton #0, Proton #1, and Blackhole Universe #1! We’ll also have some Sketch Cover variants, some original art sketch cards, and a limited number of tee shirts! We’d love to see your support, so stop by if you’ll be there!!!

Blackhole Comics are Coming to Local Heroes Comics in Norfolk!!!

After the AMAZING response we got at Tidewater Comic Con, we realized we need to have our titles in a shop out there!!! We asked everyone who came to the table, and they said Local Heroes was the place to be!

Unfortunately Proton #1 came out just 3 days after Tidewater Comic Con, so everyone there that picked up Proton #0 was not able to get it then. Sad Face. BUT It will arrive, with copies of Blackhole Universe and Proton #0,at Local Heroes on Wednesday June 15th! They’ll be carrying a limited number of copies, and for a limited amount of time, so be sure to scoop them up while you can!!! We appreciate the support of Local Heroes and the opportunity to grow out of Richmond! If you’re in their neighborhood, swing by, check us out, and support local small press comics!!!

-The Blackhole Comics Team

Check Us Out June 17th-19th at Heroes Con in Charlotte!!!

Friday June 17th through Sunday June 19th, Blackhole Comics will be set up at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina! Come out and pick up copies of Blackhole Universe #1, Proton #0,  and the newly released  Proton #1!!! We’ll have the Ruben Rojas cover AND the John Johnston variant cover! Oh, and by the way, he’ll be there in person! Get Both Nick Flair and Cover Artist John Johnston to sign your copy of Proton #1, or commission some original art!

We will be at Artist Alley tables 1827 and 1828, near the concession stand for easy access! In addition to these titles we’ll have some original art sketch cards, blank sketch cover variants of Proton #1, a limited supply of tee-shirts, and some prints of all our awesome covers!!!

hc-diagram-flat marked


Swing by and say what’s up, check out our books, and nerd out with us! We’ll also be hyping up our next project Quinn-Finity, featuring art by Brian Middleton Jr, so ask all about it! We have a lot of excitement about comics, and are always happy to share! Hope to see you there!

-Nick Flair!