The Return to Heroes Con…

In ten days, I’ll be taking this Blackhole Comics show on the road to a place I’ve come to love; Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina! I’ll be hanging out at Artist Alley table 1805, and I’m bringing my latest project, Proton #0 with me, hot and heavy after selling out its premiere launch at Richmond Comix here at home in RVA! What else am I packing? How about Blackhole Commission Artist JJ Murphy (aka the Graphitist) and Proton Variant Cover Artist Anderson Carman! (He’s kinda sketchy…) I’m pretty excited about the upcoming event, but way in the back of my stomach is the grumbling gargle of fear…

Why you ask? Because the last time I went into that Convention Center bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, success was certainly not tangible. I brought my mini comic, Guardian: A Hero’s Failure and a box full of tee-shirts, excited to talk about/sell my small products! I left with my Guardian mini comics heavy in tow, and an equally full box of tee shirts…

I didn’t sell a single mini comic. I put free on them by the last day of the convention, and still drew zero interest. It was pretty tough. I didn’t expect to be a superstar,by any means, but I wasn’t getting noticed at all! Perhaps it was the company I brought? The Freestyle Ronin crew, an artist collective, came with me and shared the table. They had much more to display than I did, and I hoped they’d draw people in and I’d snag them with they got close enough! They caught some interest, but my stuff didn’t even draw a glare most of the time it seemed. It was a pretty solid flop, but not a complete failure.

I learned a lot of things from that trip. I learned to have a better plan for setting up. I learned putting up a big white board with “Versus” match ups between comic characters will get people to talk to you!I learned that talking to people isn’t enough. I learned a mini comic wasn’t really what people were after. I met John Johnston (table 222), who has become a friend, and even donated some commission work to my recent Kickstarter! I learned what worked and what didn’t. That’s why I’m going back.

I’m returning to the sight of my failure with bigger guns. This time, Proton #0, a sixteen page stellar sci-fi super comic, drawn by outstanding artist Daniel Govar (Table 1522) is what I’ll be pushing! I’m pairing with an artist who has done the variant cover for said comic in Anderson Carman! I’m coming with more projects immediately in the works! I’m coming… to fail again. I’m prepared for it, and I’m prepared to learn from it. I’m a tenacious fella for sure!

I’ll learn what other people are doing right, and what I’m doing wrong. I’ll have fun, enjoy the company of my good friends that are there, and the awesome atmosphere! I might sell some copies of Proton, I might not. Either way, I’m going to have fun, meet people, and do the best I can. That’s all I really can do, right? Stay tuned to to see how it turns out!

The World is Ours to Make, and I’m going to Make it!

-Nick Flair!

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