Blackhole Comics Encourages you to Support Small Press/Local Comics!

Considering what my personal goals are with Blackhole Comics, I think its very important to support local comics in your area, or Small Press comics you see at Comic Conventions. That’s why I’d like to take a moment to promote fellow Richmond Native Brian Visaggio’s comic project; Andrew Jackson in Space!


The comic looks like it’ll be pretty fun as it takes a character from U.S. history, President Andrew Jackson, and puts him 100,000 light years out into space! You won’t need to be a huge history buff to enjoy this book as it really only uses a young Andrew Jackson as a jumping off point to enter the fictional world Brian has created for him. Click Here to check out more on his Kickstarter page and donate if you like what you see!

At the very least admire Brian, he understands as much as anyone that the World is Ours to Make!

Good Luck Brian!

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