Inktober 2015 Set 1

If you follow me on Instagram (@NickFlairX) then you know I get really excited about this Event called #Inktober, a challenge to ink a picture a day for every day in the month of October!I see it as a person challenge to get better at drawing, and tickle my creative side a bit. I like to use characters of the Blackhole Comics Universe as the center pieces to the event, so if you’re interested in the characters that haven’t found their stories in print just yet, this is the spot to find them! Let’s take a look…

Day 1 GuardianDay 1: Guardian

One of the first heroes in the Blackhole Universe, Guardian is a powerful and stoic character. He controls energy, and in times of dire need, can transform his entire body into pure energy!

Day 2 Cynical

Day 2: Cynical

Cynical is ambitious and ruthless. He approaches reaching his goals with a cold uncaring demeanor. He is also the feature story in the upcoming Blackhole Universe #1! Story by Nick Flair and art by Ruben Rojas! Look for more on this upcoming title soon!

Day 3 Amp

Day 3: Amp

Quite the inventor, Alex Hayden found himself among a room full of alternate versions of himself. He learned that in many other universes he was some kind of super hero, and was needed to help find that role in himself. That’s when he refined his ideas for sonic powered tech and became the hero known as Amp!

Days 1 2 3

Days 1-3 Combined!

I created backgrounds that would link together for the first three Inktober pics! I thought it turned out pretty good, so I plan on being more ambitious with the background on the next attempt.  He’s a look at all three side by side!

Day 4 Zombie Burn

Day 4: Zombie Burn

On Sundays I’m a fan of Zombies as I watch the Walking Dead, and for last year’s Inktoberfest I did a zombie series with two characters, Crash and Burn. This year, Burn switched sides…

Day 5 The Bengal

Day 5: The Bengal

There are two things Frankie Mendez wanted to be when he grew up; a Luchadore wrestler, and/or a deadly ninja. Turns out he became both as he donned the guise of The Bengal!

Day 6 Axiom

Day 6: Axiom

In most alternate worlds, Alex Hayden is an inventor, scientist, or innovator of things. In addition to that, most versions of him become heroes such as Amp. But Axiom is the exception. He gathered together alternates of himself to acquire their technology and innovations, and use them to rule. He’s a villain’s villain.

Day 7 Jake Arrieta

Day 7: Cubs Ace Jake Arrieta

I’m a Cubs fan, and it’s been a while since they were very good, but this season they’ve been tearing it up! Jake Arrieta is a large part of that as their resident pitching Ace, who is having a phenomenal season! He was great in the Wildcard game against the Pirates, so I had to show him some Inktober love!

Day 8 Damian

Day 8: Damian

One of the first few stories I wrote that had real sustenance and people seemed to take interest in, was called Heaven’s Crest, It was about a national at war with Dragons, and a spell that gave special attributes to 12 weapons that pierced the heart of the 12 Dragon Lords. Damian was one of the first two Knights of Heaven’s Crest.  I keep meaning to go back and re-write that…

Day 9 Syphon

Day 9: Syphon

Syphon was a new character design I was trying out mixed with a little laziness. I wanted someone who could absorb exotic energies, but the more he absorbed, the more distorted he became. We’ll see if this gets more development down the road.

Day 10 Madam Mystique

Day 10: Madam Mystique

I keep telling myself I need to do more with Madam Mystique! Misty Maiden was a fashion executive that found out very abruptly that magic flows in her bloodline. Teamed with her umbrella partner Aldo, she rights the magical wrongs of the world.

Check back here for Inktober Set 2 next week as I continue to try to develop my skills, and exercise my imagination! After all…..

The World is Ours to Make!!!

-Nick Flair!

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-Nick Flair!

Here is What and Who Blackhole Comics is Bringing to Heroes Con!!!

This weekend, Blackhole Comics will be fully represented in Charlotte North Carolina at Heroes Con! I’ll be bringing copies of our first BIG release Proton #0, a limited supply of Blackhole Comics T-shirts, and a great pair of artists! JJ Murphy and Anderson Carman will be at the Blackhole table taking commissions all week!

The pricing is super great, and for super limited time, with $5 head shots, $10 bust shots, and $20 full figure (no background) sketches of your favorite characters! (Shipping costs not included.) If you have quirky or elaborate requests pricing will be handled on an individual basis.

Check out the art and bios of the Blackhole Crew!

JJ Murphy

Heroes 4

Blackhole Promotional Artist, Commission Artist

Heroes Con Table #1805

Check out his Instagram Page Here!

-JJ is constantly honing his skills, and I’ve been lucky enough to watch the constant evolution of JJ, aka The Graphitist, for the last few years! It’s only a matter of time before I’m hyping up our first team up on a comic! He recently donated 9 awesome commission pieces to the Proton #0 Kickstarter campaign! He was a large part of its success, and why the book will be available at Heroes Con!

Proton Commission from the Proton #0 Kickstarter by JJ Murphy aka The Graphitist


Anderson Carman

Blackhole Variant Cover Artist, Commission Artist

Heroes Con Table #1805

Check out his Instagram Here and his Tumblr Here!

Purchase his 24 hour Comic, Djek: Destroyer of Earth from Comixology Here!

-Anderson is currently blazing a trail of success through the halls of S.C.A.D. (Savannah College of Art and Design), where he constantly feeds his ambition to be the next Skottie Young! He has a great talent for drawing “Chimera” pieces, where you suggest two animals and he amalgamates them into one! The results are often amazing! Anderson recently drew the ominous variant cover to Proton #0!

Proton #0 Cover Variant


John Johnston


Blackhole Variant Cover Artist, Commission artist

Heroes Con Table #222

Check out his Instagram Here!

-John Johnston is a Heroes Con vet! I first met him there a couple of years ago as my table was next to his.  I was proposing several “Versus” match-ups including Dazzler vs Booster Gold, Zatanna vs Scarlet Witch, and Damien Wayne (Robin) vs Jason Todd (Red Hood) and he couldn’t help but add his thoughts. He even drew some awesome art to accompany the debates! (Pictured below!) Recently he donated some commission work to the Proton #0 Kickstarter campaign, and will be doing a variant cover for an upcoming Blackhole Project!

Proton by John Johnston


Daniel Govar


Blackhole Interior/Cover Artist for Proton #0, Commission Artist

Heroes Con Table #1522

Check out his Instagram Here!

-Connecting with Daniel for Proton #0 may just prove to be the best decision I’ve ever made! His awesome style and use of ink wash gives a unique and classic feel that really add character to the book. His work is almost always instantly recognizable too, which is one of the toughest things to do as an artist! To have a personal style that can be identified right away is invaluable, and he has it. Working with him on Proton was a great experience, and one that I am surely better for!

Proton #0 Cover

And of course Me, Nick Flair!

Heroes Con 12 013


Blackhole Comics Creator/Writer

Heroes Con Table #1805

Check out my Instagram Here!

I’m not as talented in the art department as the guys above me, but I do like to sling some ink from time to time! Here are some highlights from last year’s #Inktober! I’m proud to say I did indeed post an inked picture every day of the month! I drew a lot of my original characters that’ll be showing up in future comics, so check them out!

And here are some teases for my in progress works on Cynical and The Brick mini comics with Ruben Rojas and Manuel Bracchi!

Stay tuned here for updates on how Heroes Con went for us, and follow us as it happens on Instagram and Twitter with #HeroesCon and #BlackholeComics!!!

The World is Ours to Make!!!

-Nick Flair!

#Inktober Set 3

This is the third and final set for Inktober! This was a huge personal accomplishment, knowing I’m more writer than artist I wasn’t sure I’d be able to follow through with all 31 days. I planned out the characters I’d draw for the most part, and stuck to devoting an hour at least every day to it, and somehow I managed to draw and ink a pic every day in October! It got more challenging than I thought towards the end, but I plugged away and forced myself to do it! haha Thanks to all my Instagram friends for keeping me motivated!!! Shout out to @



Day 21: The Goblin Princess (Aka Ruby June)

On October 21st, 2014, my best friend Richie and his wife Emily gave birth to their first child. They wanted to wait to name her because they felt like they needed to meet her first and make sure it fit. I had jokingly referred to her as Goblin since she didn’t have a name yet and since she was due near Halloween, it kinda stuck. To me, Ruby June will always be a Goblin Princess! (Yes I will fight David Bowie for her if need be.)


Day 22: Hurricane

Sometimes the lines between good and bad are blurred. We’ve all been there where things have gotten alittle gray as far as what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s a running theme with Hurricane. He has alot of power and although we all know that also comes with responsibility, it does not come with control. Can he control his powers and his emotions? The answer will define if he’s hero or villain. I got really squibbly with the lines on this trying to portray rushing winds, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Go figure.


Day 23: The Black Whisper

The Black Whisper, a deadly ninja and one of the leaders of the Five Headed Dragon Clan. He represents the younger generation of this ancient organization, and is one of the more ruthless of the Five Heads. I was definitely inspired by Karate Kid movie for the costume, something about a simple black and white skeleton costume that tells you all you need to know about him I think. The Black Whisper is the last thing you hear before death. I like the way the pose turned out, especially the arms and positioning of the swords! I was pretty proud of this one.


Day 24: The Eccentristatic Man

There is a four issue mini series I wrote a few years ago called the Eccentristatic Man. In a world where bio-electromagnetic fields are used to determine status and wealth, those with weak personal B.E.M.’s are forced to live lowly lives and fight for scrapes and slaving work. Vance worked with a crazy old scientist who wanted to make all B.E.M.’s equal and change the world. What he did was create an Eccentristatic Man with more power than their world had seen! I wanted to do more lightning so I figured this would be a good chance! haha


Day 25: Sarah Squires

Who is Sara Squires? Is she a trusted member of the Five Headed Dragon Clan? A valued member of Black Whisper’s army? IS she a secret agent? A spy? Is she a Hero? A Villain? All of those things? None of them? Sara Squires is a question mark, with more than one answer. Again, tried a dynamic pose, I think it turned out ok. The hair got alittle silly on me and I hate the hands, but it was a leap out of my comfort zone, so I still feel like I benefited from it.


Day 26: Crash and Burn

So again it was Sunday, and again Walking Dead was on my mind, so again I drew Crash and Burn, but together this time! These guys are partners in crime, and no matter what they do it always seems like a horrible idea! And even though Burn thinks Crash’s plans are always doomed to failure, he sticks by his side. These guys! Always fun to do a piece with them! I stuck with the black background and white detailing to make it seem like it was night, and I added in some extra background zombies for fun!


Day 27 An Igneon

Igneon’s are large creatures that dwell in space. They tuck up into a ball, making them look much life an asteroid or comet, and use small crater-like holes on their back to propel themselves through space by releasing bursts of gas. They can unleash powerful blasts of bio-energy from their mouths capable of penetrating even a protonic energy shield! They were encounter long ago by an ancestor of the current Proton’s, and considered to be extinct for years! Day 27 was a very frustrating day for me and it turned into a very aggressive style that I think worked out pretty well for this piece! Sometimes if you channel your frustration in the right way, you can surprise yourself!


Day 28: Marksman

Again on Day 28, very frustrated. I was struggling for inspiration, but managed to knock out this piece. Marksman is an Olympic Medalist in various shooting categories as well as archery. Becoming bored with the competitions he was participating in, he decided to take on the world of Vigilantism. Just because you wear a costume and give yourself a snappy name, doesn’t make you Batman though… I tried to get a dynamic action scene going on here with him falling out of the window and firing off some shots, it didn’t work as well as I had hoped, but its something to work from next time.



Day 29: Skull

The San Diego based gang, The Jaded Souls, are led by an enigma of a man named Skull. His skin is literally made of Jade, and its said that he has the ability to turn from the rock skin to flesh and blood, but that he rarely does it because his body bares painful scars and mutilations from a horrific accident! He’s become fascinated and borderline obsessed with Graystone, due to the similarity in their abilities, and has made it his gang’s mission to find out more about him. After all the other Inktober pics, my tools where starting to fade, but I think it worked out kinda cool for some of this background! I was almost there and just had to keep chipping away…


Day 30: Guardian

Finally! I had waited for Day 30 to do a Guardian pic, because he’s my bread and butter! This is one of the first heroes I created and was the lead in the first comic I ever printed! Guardian has the ability of flight, enhanced strength, can release energy bursts in various ways, and change his body into a pure energy form. He often finds himself battling Cynical and always fights for the greater good of the world! I wanted to get the feel of a rural area lit up at night as he flies above it, so I did all black with the white Gelly Roll pen to pop out some lights.  I imagined him lifting some heavy attached to the chain to save some people, and now I kinda wish I’d fleshed that idea out some more and shown what it was he was lifting. Lesson learned! Still like the dynamics going on here though.


Day 31: Proton

I figured why not end this with the same character I began with? I could maybe see alittle improvement in my work by comparing the two Proton pics side by side right? I feel like I improved, although I still certainly have a long way to go in the anatomy department, and I’m lacking a certain level of detail in all these drawings, but I feel I’ve challenged myself in backgrounds, dynamic poses, and overall design creativity with much success!

Look for more Proton action sometime in 2015 as I plan to release a 16 page Proton Issue#0!!! Stay tuned here at for more info on that and other projects!!! Also, don’t forget that the World is Ours to Make!

Nick Flair!

#Inktober Set 2

Here is the second set of ten inked pics by yours truly, Nick Flair, for #Inktober! I’m really proud of the dedication I’ve shown in keeping up with these each day this month! It’s a great exercise that really does benefit anyone who wants to get better. Between the creativity it takes to find different subject matter for each day’s pic and the new techniques you try out in each piece and the design elements and personal challenges you through in, it’s very rewarding to see the results for me! I hope you guys also enjoy it!


Day 11: Willard White Burton

My Grandfather passed away recently and this was drawn after his memorial service while spending time with my family. He was a man who lived many adventures. He worked in an ice cream factory as a kid, graduated from the University of Richmond, and went to the Air Force and was part of a bomber crew. They crashed at the end of an iced up runway and he broke his leg as he was in the lower portion of the nose of the bomber. The rest of the crew got a new bomber and flew back into war. They did not all make it back. He came back from the war, married my Grandma Anabel, had three kids, worked as a chemist for Lucky Strike, retired, grew the most beautiful rose bushes you’ve ever seen, and was a pillar of our family. I have his old lighter and a couple of his tobacco pipes to remember him fondly by. This piece doesn’t look like him, but represents him well regardless.


Day 12:  Burn

Getting geared up for the Walking Dead Season Premiere, I just had to do a zombie piece! Burn was a good match for it, because of his special suit’s ability to unleash flames from his hands. A flaming zombie is always more fun than a regular zombie! I was really happy with the way this one turned out, from the background, to the profile shot of the zombie!

10.13.14Day 13: Negaton

Negaton is the nemesis to Proton, and a galactic threat. He fears nothing, and harnesses a hatred for Proton so intense, he would risk his life if it meant ending his enemy’s as well. He commands an army of space nomads , raiders, and pirates as his armada moves across the Cluster Galaxy preying on whomever he deems worthy. It was a bit rushed, but I like how it finished. I had to get the Kirby Krackle in on one of these pieces!


Day 14: Bulletproof

Bulletproof is a monstrosity. After attempting to sabotage a laboratory as a hired criminal, the job went bad and as a result he was caught in an explosion. The explosion bonded shrapnel from new metallic alloys being experimented upon to his bare skin. He had to undergo several procedures to allow his body to move with the heavy metal grafted to him, including cybernetic muscle enhancements. This has made him strong, deadly, and a bulletproof beast.


Day 15: Raindrop

Raindrop is just a California girl who happens to be part water nymph. She uses her powers like she lives her life, carefree! Her father is a wealth movie producer, so she’s never had to care about much else. As she learned to use her powers more and more, she attracted the attention of beings who would want to exploit her powers, but made some friends at the same time including Graystone and Madam Mystique!


Day 16: Madam Mystique

Did someone mention Madam Mystique? The Madam’s real name is Misty Maiden (Yes her parents were Hippies) and she found out as an adult that magic runs in her family. Her sister, Autumn Maiden, was a magical protector for all the realms, but after failing to protect herself, had to bring her sister into the fold with an emergency magical S.O.S. now Madam Mystique continues to master the world of magic and protect the entire world without them even knowing it.


Day 17: The Hooded Ronin

An oldie, but a goodie, The Hooded Ronin was a project I started years ago with Chauncey Blakey and JJ Murphy.  It’s a six issue mini series called The Hooded Ronin and the Six Masters of the Mind. The Hooded Ronin seeks revenge on six masters of various mental abilities like telepathy and telekinesis throughout the series. I still have faith one day this project will see the light of day!


Day 18: Excel

There are two versions of Excel in the Blackhole Universe, one is alternate version of Alex Hayden aka Amp. This one is a friend of Alex Hayden’s Micah Freeman. He developed and self tested a Speed Serum that gives him his powers, but he must keep a ready supply because the serum isn’t permanent. With it though, he speeds through the streets, keeping the world safe in times of emergency.  Another quick one, I kind of wish I’d spent a bit more time on it…


Day 19: Crash

Burn’s Partner in Crime, Crash also wears a special suit, but this one allows him to convert kinetic energy into enhanced speed and strength for short periods of time. He has a careless, head first and head strong mentality towards things that often gets Crash and Burn (See what I did! Their names are perfect!) into and sometimes out of trouble. This landed on episode two of the new Walking Dead season so it became a companion piece! Again love the background, the zombie, and I added in his jaw getting knocked off, but its a bit hard to see.


Day 20: Nimbulous

Earlier when talking about Raindrop and Madam Mystique, I mentioned forces that wanted to exploit her abilities. Meet said force. Nimbulous controls storm clouds and lightning, and in order to supplement and enhance his own abilities attempted to kidnap Raindrop! Luckily for her though Madam Mystique discovered her plight and recruited Graystone to help free her! I’m probably most happy with this piece out of the bunch. Love the dynamic pose, the contrast, and the lightning effects turned out really nice!


Well that’s the conclusion of Inktober Set 2! Let me know what pics are your favorites and feel free to drop criticisms and opinions! Come back for Inktober Set 3 later in the month and remember that the World is Ours to Make!


#Inktober Set 1

The Month of October has been dubbed “Inktober” by some, and a challenge has been presented! Draw a picture everyday of the month and ink it. Pencil outlines are fine and subject matter or size is inconsequential. I was presented with said Challenge and thus have been answering it so far! I’ve decided to take it as an opportunity to hone my rudimentary skills as an artist and to get some Character designs for #Blackholecomics down and on the radar. Here is a gallery with the first 10 days of #Inktober by #NickFlair. The first day started out a bit rough and I wasn’t too happy with my Proton sketch, but I rebounded big time with day 2 knocking out my favorite sketch so far of The Brick! Leave a comment down below and let me know which your favorite is! Follow me on Instagram @XNickFlairX for the day to day updates or pop back here for the second set of 10 pics in 10 days! Take the challenge yourself or just draw for fun! The World is Ours to Ink!

20141009_213857Day 1: Proton

Jo-Than, the current hero named Proton from the planet Vellia, comes from a long lineage of Heroes that protect his planet. Each new generation is born with the potential for great power and the chance to become Proton, the greatest of heroes on their planet. This was day 1 so I wanted to keep it simple and it turned out ok, but I felt I could do better.


Day 2: The Brick

The Brick is a hero who believes right and justness is universal. He has the ability to super-condense into an actual brick, and can also alter his skin to the same density as a brick wall. For day t2, I wanted to step up my game from Day 1. Mission accomplished! I’m probably more proud of this pic than any other! I picked up a new brush pen and nailed the background, really making it a complete piece.


Day 3: Graystone

I wanted to challenge myself with an action scene and multiple people, and what better to do that with than a double clothesline right? Graystone comes from a wrestling heritage, with his father being one of the most infamous “Bad Guys” in wrestling under the guise of ‘The Masked Samoan’. This persona was passed down to Graystone who struggles with the wrestling fans despising him. He has an ancient amulet that turns his skin into rock once it sits around his neck.


Day 4: Cynical

Cynical is one of the premiere villain. He used his personal fortune and influence to create powers for himself. He practices his mind-control, telepathy, and telekinesis with precision and nothing but personal gain as his motive. He approaches all of his goals with a cold and calculating method that all but assures his success. I added the most background characters I’ve done to date here, continuing the personal challenges.


Day 5: Amp

Alex Hayden was an inventor who one day was pulled into a multiversal collection of alternate version of himself! He learned that most other versions of him became heroes through one means or another, and to help them in their quest to stop an evil version of himself, he weaponizes sonic technology he’d been working on and becomes the Hero, Amp! Tried to hit something more dynamic with this one, I’ll keep working on it 😉



Day 6: E.M.P.

The Legion of Alex Hayden is a collection of alternate earth versions of Alex Hayden, aka Amp, from across the Multiverse! This version is E.M.P. He has nanobots in his blood that give him electromagnetic abilities. He has a natural ability for strategy and leadership. I like the magnetic waves effect I got here, but I still think it needs more background…


Day 7: Tribute

Unfortunately I recently lost a friend, Phillip. It was quite sudden and shockingly out of nowhere. He was a world class sushi chef and an awesome person that could always make you laugh, and not only a master of sushi, but dirty jokes. I will miss him greatly, and this is my tribute to him. Really happy with the perspective on the sword and I tried to nail the likeness to Phillip… I got close enough that I can see him in there and that’s enough for me!


Day 8: Snow

Amp has many alternates across the multiverse, or ‘Alts’ as they’ve dubbed each other, and not all of them are men! Snow is a quite brainiac that has developed one of a kind cryo technology she implements in her weaponry! Smart and shy, she’s much more a wall flower than an outgoing superstar like her twin sister Flame! Used a Gelly Roll pen for the snow effects, and I really like the way it turned out!

IMG_20141009_194230Day 9: Flame

Yes that’s right, in this Alt version of Amp, he’s not only female, but twin females! Snow’s twin sister, and elemental opposite, Flame is an expert in pyrotech. She possesses an arsenal full of fire oriented weaponry and has her sister’s back at all times! Her personality is much more outgoing and arrogant in contradiction to her twin. Alot of Hatching in varying directions to provide contrast, and try to spice it up some. The white lava contrast against the straight black mountain worked well!

axiomDay 10: Axiom

Not all of Amp’s Alt’s are heroes, in fact this one is the main Nemesis to the Legion of Alex Hayden! Bringing the Legion together initially to steal their technology, Axiom’s goal is not only holding the world under his boot, but multiple worlds across the multiverse! Learning from the last two I useed the Gelly Roll pen to provide stark contrast in the background and coupled with the motherboard circuitry theme idea, I saved a piece I was ready to scrap! Success!!!


Well that’s the conclusion of Inktober Set 1!I hope my challenge to draw and ink everyday for a month has interested you! I feel like I’m getting alot out of it! I’m glad I decided to incorporate the additional challenge of drawing my original characters because I have alot of upcoming projects I want to do with these guys, so its good to get designs down on paper! Comment below if you have a favorite pic or character to inspire me further! Come back for Inktober Set 2 later in the month and remember that the World is Ours to Make!