Comics and Music Rant!

So as I’m sitting outside getting in some writing time, I find myself really jamming on some tunes! It makes me think about how alot of, if not all, of my stories really have their own soundtracks. I have playlists that are named Proton, Spartan Squad, Guardian, all different stories with different themes and tones. Then I ask myself, why don’t comics come with their own soundtracks? Maybe it would take away from the story for some people, and I can understand that. It can be difficult to read and listen to music for some people, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I do feel like especially in certain moments or panels for the stuff I write, what I’m listening to at that moment really adds to it. And on the other end of that, some of the moments and stories are developed when I hear a certain song or lyric while driving or showering. (Yeah, I listen to music in the shower, that way I can’t hear myself sing) Some day, when Blackhole Comics is regularly producing titles, I think I may add a recommended listening list with the story! That could be cool right? I mean, after all the world is mine to make!

Sorry for ranting, or am I….

-Nick Flair!

3 thoughts on “Comics and Music Rant!

  1. It would be cool to have a comic book recommended soundtrack to go along with it. I’ve thought about that back when I used to do comics hardcore and I think TheGraphitist and I even discussed it years ago.

    As far as I can remember though it has been attempted by Marc Silvestri at Top Cow with the original Witchblade mini series, it was called The Sounds of the Witchblade link here>>>>

    • I never knew Top Cow tried it, I had some pretty cool ideas about it and now especially with digital and all the stuff you can do with it, you can really do cool stuff I bet! Now that I think about it I guess the motion comics Marvel put out where pretty close to it too, but not quite what I was thinking.

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