First Up in 2016, Proton #1!

Blackhole Comics got 2015 started with a super successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed Proton #0 to see the light of day. Now as 2016 kicks off, I’m proud to say Proton #1 will be our premiere story!

For those who weren’t able to get a copy of the zero issue, it introduced us to Jo-Than, the most recent of his bloodline to carry the mantle of Proton! Each generation his family gives birth to a single male heir that one day becomes the protector, not just of their home planet Vellia, but of the entire Cluster system and all 32 planets that revolve around their twin stars.


He faced a deadly armada set to invade and destroy his home world led by his greatest enemy, Negaton. Proton fought with all his strength, and in the end his planet and the entire Cluster System will never be the same again.


Proton #1 will pick up after the key events of the zero issue, and will further open and explore the world we only got a small taste of.  The heroes, villains, and fantastic environments in the world of Proton will be brought to you by the incredible art of Ruben Rojas! If you haven’t seen his stuff yet, you’re missing out! He was recently first showcased in Blackhole Universe #1 taking on both Cover duties , and the Cynical story inside!

This is the start to a big year for us here at Blackhole Comics, as we have more books slated to release than ever before! Proton will be one of the cornerstone’s as we hope to have 3 issues release in addition to our other titles! Cynical will also return in the pages of Blackhole Universe #2, as well as his rival Guardian, and other new characters as well! We hope this ad by Ruben for Proton #1 gets you guys as stoked as we are for 2016, and the chance to explore more of the Blackhole Universe!!!

Proton 1 Ad

Thanks for the Support out there, and remember; The World is Ours to Make!!!

-Nick Flair!

Did you miss out on Proton #0 by Nick Flair and Daniel Govar?Are Blackhole Comics not in your local Comic shop? (Demand they order them if that’s the case!) Don’t Fear! Download the digital PDF of Proton #0 below, and read the story that started it all for just 99 cents!

Proton #0

  • Heroics are often told more through actions than with words. These are the heroic actions of a man called Proton. On his home planet of Vellia, in the Cluster System, his bloodline has protected the people of his world as long as most can remember. Once per generation his lineage produces a male heir containing the Proton Helix within, and the ability to become a force for good. This is the adventure of Jo-Than, the current Proton as he battles to save his people from rare monsters and evil armadas led by his nemesis, Negaton! Written by Nick Flair Art by Daniel Govar
  • 16 pages