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So the other night, I was bored (Drunk) and on Twitter. Little did I know, until I read his tweet, that Marvel Comics Ultimate Comcis Asst. Editor Jon Moisan was also bored and on twitter! There were some tweets exchanged and basically I jokingly (But seriously) told him he should hook me up with some work on an Ultimate title! He answered my request with Ultimate Super-Pro… Those of you who don’t know, Super-Pro was a 90’s hero created and written by Fabian Nicieza essentially to get free tickets to NFL games. He’s still mocked to the day for creating the character. I happen to have 2 copies of the 1st issue in my collection somewhere, somehow. I gladly excepted Jon’s challenge in my drunken state and proceeded to craft a short story for an Ultimate version of Super-Pro! I figured it was too good not to post and share with everyone, so here it is! ENJOY!

Saturday September 23rd, 2012
Ultimate ‘Super-Pro’ Pitch

Page 1:
Full Page Shot: S.H.I.E.L.D. Situation Map.

Page 2:
Panel 1: A man runs with a child in his arms towards a high school football field. It’s in the Dark of night, only a pale moon providing any light.
Caption: Denver, Colorado
Panel 2: He kicks open down the door to the field house with the child still in his arms.
Man: We can hide in here!
Child: No…they’ll find us… no matter what.
Panel 3: The two take cover in the locker room of the field house. The man leans against the lockers, trying to console the young Korean girl who has been shot. She bleeds out on him, but remains calm and accepting of her situation.
Phil: My name is Phil, Phil Grayfield. What’s your name?
Chance: My names was Chance.
Phil: Don’t say was, you’re still here! You’re going to be fine!
Chance: No. There is a 95% probability I die tonight.
Panel 4: Close up as Chance closes her eyes.
Chance: Thank you for saving me from the militia Phil, but my mutant power is to assess probabilities. I know how this ends…

Page 3:
Panel 1: A look into Chance’s eyes reveals she is a mutant. Her eyes shimmer with different future possibilities.
Chance: You were a football player. Three time MVP. You don’t know it, but you’re the peak of current human evolution. There is a 50% probability you become a hero known as Super-Pro, a 15% probability you become a hero known as MVP, a 10% probability you become a hero known as the Scarlet Spider along with your clones, a 5% probability you become the next Captain America, and I’m sorry but a 20% chance you also die…
Panel 2: Close up on Chances arm as it hangs limp.
Chance: tonigh…..
Panel 3: Looking up at Phil as he tries to pat life back into the girl’s cheeks, to no avail.
Phil: Chance? No, Chance stay with me!
Panel 4: Phil puts his ear to Chance’s mouth, about to perform C.P.R.
Panel 5: He desperately begins the chest compressions.
Panel 6: He cloes his eyes and silently clenches his fists in anger.
Phil: This shouldn’t have happened…

Page 4:
Panel 1: Outside the football field, the militia pulls up in there trucks, firing shots into the air.
Sound FX: Gun fire
Panel 2: Phil stands at the door to the equipment room. There are polished black helmets, shoulder pads, black and red pants, and black and red jerseys.
Panel 3: Phil takes a set of shoulder pads.
Panel 4: He takes a jersey off the hangar.
Panel 5: He puts the helmet on over his head.

Page 5:
Panel 1: One of the militia men, turns the handle on the door to the field house, about to enter.
Panel 2: As he opens the door, the militia man’s neck is broken by a violent hit from Phil, now in the football uniform and pads.
Panel 3: Some of the other men open fire at Phil as he continues to sprint away from the fire.
Panel 4: One of the militia men throws a grenade towards where Phil is running.
Militia Man: He’s fast, but not fast enough to get away from this!
Panel 5: Phil leaps into the air to grab the grenade like a touchdown pass.

Page 6:
Panel 1: As he lands he immediately moves to throw the grenade back, his motions just like a seasoned quarterback.
Panel 2: He throws the grenade back with a perfect spiral.
Panel 3: The militia men turn to run as the grenade heads towards them.
Militia Man: What the hell!?!
Panel 4: The grenade explodes behind the men.
Panel 5: They all lie on the ground out cold.
Panel 6: Phil turns to notice the militia men’s truck tearing up the field and heading towards him.

Page 7:
Panel 1: Phil runs towards the truck unflinchingly.
Panel 2: The driver is confused.
Driver: What’s he doin?
Panel 3: Phil leaps into the air, and onto the hood of the truck.
Panel 4: His cleat crushes the windshield and the driver loses control of the truck.
Driver: ARGHHHH!
Panel 5: The truck over turns and flips onto it’s side.
Panel 6: The driver is dazed as Phil pulls him out of the wrecked truck.
Phil: Come here!

Page 8:
Panel 1: Phil holds the driver by his shirt, his feet up off the ground.
Driver: Nope, just a mutie…
Panel 2: In a moment of rage, Phil headbutts the driver with his helmet still on.
Panel 3: The driver’s face is bloodied, his nnose broken, as he loses consciousness.
Panel 4: Phil throws him to the ground.
Panel 5: In a dynamic panel, Phil walks off the field with the crashed truck and unconscious men in the background.
Phil: Scum.

The End.



Step 2
Issue Outline:
1-Ultimate World Situation Map (Not a map showing where Ultimate Mike “The Situation” From Jersey Shore is
2-A man runs with a child in his arms, they head for a Football field house in Denver Colorado, the man tells the boy he’ll be fine, he tells him his name is Phil and the korean girl tells him her name is chance and reveals he is the apex of current human evolution
3-Having his attention she continues to spit probability statistics with her dying breathes saying he would be a hero calling himself, MVP, Super-Pro, Scarlet Spider, or assuming the title Captain America, then she dies
4-With anger he lies the child against the lockers, he dones some of the football equipment, with it as his only home of protection
5-As the men are about to enter the locker room in which hes held up, he bursts out tackling one man, then head butting another with the helmet on
6-one of the men in the distance throws a grenade, which is intercepted and immediately returned with pinpoint accuracy
7-Phil attacks and disarms several of the men and as he begins to feel accomplished turns around to find very large man
8-The man breaks his neck, killing him instantly, the man is referenced by others as Bennings who is on experimental steroids

Step 1B
Basic Story Points:
-Phil Grayfield is a former NFL MVP, but the league is now in suspension due to the current state of the nation.
-He finds himself in one of the Mid Western states where the militias are in control, fearing and hating mutants
-Phil, saves a young mutant from assailants that surely would have killed him, for all the good it did though, the mutant is on his last few breathes, the boy is a probability calculator, stating that Phil is not only the most peak athelete in the world, but there is a 80% likelihood he’ll be the heir to the title of Captain America
-Going with more of an MVP route for powers, in that he is at the absolute PEAK human skill set
-Now being persued by the militia’s for attempting to help the mutant, Phil finds little more than football pads to use as armor as he is attacked by the militia
-The story ends with Phil dying as he was destined to, in glory to a man on experimental steroids who also dies

Step 1A
Points of Action:
-Headbutting a mitlitia man with his helmet on?
-Taking a handgrenade like a snap and throwing it into a small area like a well placed pass?


I also through in the steps I go through when developing a story at the bottom here for those who might be interested in the process! BONUS MATERIAL!!! Haha! To learn more about the horrible world of Super-Pro, check out his Wiki hereĀ, and remember the World is ours to make whether Ultimate or Mainstream!


-Nick Flair!

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