This Saturday, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day!!! For anyone that doesn’t already know, this is a day where all the major companies put out a special free comic book! Some comic shops, like my home away from how Richmond Comix, turn it into a real event! PEOPLE ARE GIVING AWAY COMICS!!! WHAT OTHER REASON DO YOU NEED TO PARTY UP AND NERD OUT!?!?! Out at Richmond Comix in addition to the free comics available, will be Hero Clix demo games, a raffle with a big ole bag of prizes, and Free sketches for kids by the FREESTYLE RONIN crew!!! They’ll also have Freestyle Ronin t-shirts and half priced prints for sale! There will be something for everyone and good vibes all day long, so before or after you go out and see Iron Man 3, swing by Richmond Comix! Check out the links below for more info!



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