Inktober 2015 Set 1

If you follow me on Instagram (@NickFlairX) then you know I get really excited about this Event called #Inktober, a challenge to ink a picture a day for every day in the month of October!I see it as a person challenge to get better at drawing, and tickle my creative side a bit. I like to use characters of the Blackhole Comics Universe as the center pieces to the event, so if you’re interested in the characters that haven’t found their stories in print just yet, this is the spot to find them! Let’s take a look…

Day 1 GuardianDay 1: Guardian

One of the first heroes in the Blackhole Universe, Guardian is a powerful and stoic character. He controls energy, and in times of dire need, can transform his entire body into pure energy!

Day 2 Cynical

Day 2: Cynical

Cynical is ambitious and ruthless. He approaches reaching his goals with a cold uncaring demeanor. He is also the feature story in the upcoming Blackhole Universe #1! Story by Nick Flair and art by Ruben Rojas! Look for more on this upcoming title soon!

Day 3 Amp

Day 3: Amp

Quite the inventor, Alex Hayden found himself among a room full of alternate versions of himself. He learned that in many other universes he was some kind of super hero, and was needed to help find that role in himself. That’s when he refined his ideas for sonic powered tech and became the hero known as Amp!

Days 1 2 3

Days 1-3 Combined!

I created backgrounds that would link together for the first three Inktober pics! I thought it turned out pretty good, so I plan on being more ambitious with the background on the next attempt.  He’s a look at all three side by side!

Day 4 Zombie Burn

Day 4: Zombie Burn

On Sundays I’m a fan of Zombies as I watch the Walking Dead, and for last year’s Inktoberfest I did a zombie series with two characters, Crash and Burn. This year, Burn switched sides…

Day 5 The Bengal

Day 5: The Bengal

There are two things Frankie Mendez wanted to be when he grew up; a Luchadore wrestler, and/or a deadly ninja. Turns out he became both as he donned the guise of The Bengal!

Day 6 Axiom

Day 6: Axiom

In most alternate worlds, Alex Hayden is an inventor, scientist, or innovator of things. In addition to that, most versions of him become heroes such as Amp. But Axiom is the exception. He gathered together alternates of himself to acquire their technology and innovations, and use them to rule. He’s a villain’s villain.

Day 7 Jake Arrieta

Day 7: Cubs Ace Jake Arrieta

I’m a Cubs fan, and it’s been a while since they were very good, but this season they’ve been tearing it up! Jake Arrieta is a large part of that as their resident pitching Ace, who is having a phenomenal season! He was great in the Wildcard game against the Pirates, so I had to show him some Inktober love!

Day 8 Damian

Day 8: Damian

One of the first few stories I wrote that had real sustenance and people seemed to take interest in, was called Heaven’s Crest, It was about a national at war with Dragons, and a spell that gave special attributes to 12 weapons that pierced the heart of the 12 Dragon Lords. Damian was one of the first two Knights of Heaven’s Crest.  I keep meaning to go back and re-write that…

Day 9 Syphon

Day 9: Syphon

Syphon was a new character design I was trying out mixed with a little laziness. I wanted someone who could absorb exotic energies, but the more he absorbed, the more distorted he became. We’ll see if this gets more development down the road.

Day 10 Madam Mystique

Day 10: Madam Mystique

I keep telling myself I need to do more with Madam Mystique! Misty Maiden was a fashion executive that found out very abruptly that magic flows in her bloodline. Teamed with her umbrella partner Aldo, she rights the magical wrongs of the world.

Check back here for Inktober Set 2 next week as I continue to try to develop my skills, and exercise my imagination! After all…..

The World is Ours to Make!!!

-Nick Flair!

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