#Inktober Set 1

The Month of October has been dubbed “Inktober” by some, and a challenge has been presented! Draw a picture everyday of the month and ink it. Pencil outlines are fine and subject matter or size is inconsequential. I was presented with said Challenge and thus have been answering it so far! I’ve decided to take it as an opportunity to hone my rudimentary skills as an artist and to get some Character designs for #Blackholecomics down and on the radar. Here is a gallery with the first 10 days of #Inktober by #NickFlair. The first day started out a bit rough and I wasn’t too happy with my Proton sketch, but I rebounded big time with day 2 knocking out my favorite sketch so far of The Brick! Leave a comment down below and let me know which your favorite is! Follow me on Instagram @XNickFlairX for the day to day updates or pop back here for the second set of 10 pics in 10 days! Take the challenge yourself or just draw for fun! The World is Ours to Ink!

20141009_213857Day 1: Proton

Jo-Than, the current hero named Proton from the planet Vellia, comes from a long lineage of Heroes that protect his planet. Each new generation is born with the potential for great power and the chance to become Proton, the greatest of heroes on their planet. This was day 1 so I wanted to keep it simple and it turned out ok, but I felt I could do better.


Day 2: The Brick

The Brick is a hero who believes right and justness is universal. He has the ability to super-condense into an actual brick, and can also alter his skin to the same density as a brick wall. For day t2, I wanted to step up my game from Day 1. Mission accomplished! I’m probably more proud of this pic than any other! I picked up a new brush pen and nailed the background, really making it a complete piece.


Day 3: Graystone

I wanted to challenge myself with an action scene and multiple people, and what better to do that with than a double clothesline right? Graystone comes from a wrestling heritage, with his father being one of the most infamous “Bad Guys” in wrestling under the guise of ‘The Masked Samoan’. This persona was passed down to Graystone who struggles with the wrestling fans despising him. He has an ancient amulet that turns his skin into rock once it sits around his neck.


Day 4: Cynical

Cynical is one of the premiere villain. He used his personal fortune and influence to create powers for himself. He practices his mind-control, telepathy, and telekinesis with precision and nothing but personal gain as his motive. He approaches all of his goals with a cold and calculating method that all but assures his success. I added the most background characters I’ve done to date here, continuing the personal challenges.


Day 5: Amp

Alex Hayden was an inventor who one day was pulled into a multiversal collection of alternate version of himself! He learned that most other versions of him became heroes through one means or another, and to help them in their quest to stop an evil version of himself, he weaponizes sonic technology he’d been working on and becomes the Hero, Amp! Tried to hit something more dynamic with this one, I’ll keep working on it 😉



Day 6: E.M.P.

The Legion of Alex Hayden is a collection of alternate earth versions of Alex Hayden, aka Amp, from across the Multiverse! This version is E.M.P. He has nanobots in his blood that give him electromagnetic abilities. He has a natural ability for strategy and leadership. I like the magnetic waves effect I got here, but I still think it needs more background…


Day 7: Tribute

Unfortunately I recently lost a friend, Phillip. It was quite sudden and shockingly out of nowhere. He was a world class sushi chef and an awesome person that could always make you laugh, and not only a master of sushi, but dirty jokes. I will miss him greatly, and this is my tribute to him. Really happy with the perspective on the sword and I tried to nail the likeness to Phillip… I got close enough that I can see him in there and that’s enough for me!


Day 8: Snow

Amp has many alternates across the multiverse, or ‘Alts’ as they’ve dubbed each other, and not all of them are men! Snow is a quite brainiac that has developed one of a kind cryo technology she implements in her weaponry! Smart and shy, she’s much more a wall flower than an outgoing superstar like her twin sister Flame! Used a Gelly Roll pen for the snow effects, and I really like the way it turned out!

IMG_20141009_194230Day 9: Flame

Yes that’s right, in this Alt version of Amp, he’s not only female, but twin females! Snow’s twin sister, and elemental opposite, Flame is an expert in pyrotech. She possesses an arsenal full of fire oriented weaponry and has her sister’s back at all times! Her personality is much more outgoing and arrogant in contradiction to her twin. Alot of Hatching in varying directions to provide contrast, and try to spice it up some. The white lava contrast against the straight black mountain worked well!

axiomDay 10: Axiom

Not all of Amp’s Alt’s are heroes, in fact this one is the main Nemesis to the Legion of Alex Hayden! Bringing the Legion together initially to steal their technology, Axiom’s goal is not only holding the world under his boot, but multiple worlds across the multiverse! Learning from the last two I useed the Gelly Roll pen to provide stark contrast in the background and coupled with the motherboard circuitry theme idea, I saved a piece I was ready to scrap! Success!!!


Well that’s the conclusion of Inktober Set 1!I hope my challenge to draw and ink everyday for a month has interested you! I feel like I’m getting alot out of it! I’m glad I decided to incorporate the additional challenge of drawing my original characters because I have alot of upcoming projects I want to do with these guys, so its good to get designs down on paper! Comment below if you have a favorite pic or character to inspire me further! Come back for Inktober Set 2 later in the month and remember that the World is Ours to Make!







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