#Inktober Set 2

Here is the second set of ten inked pics by yours truly, Nick Flair, for #Inktober! I’m really proud of the dedication I’ve shown in keeping up with these each day this month! It’s a great exercise that really does benefit anyone who wants to get better. Between the creativity it takes to find different subject matter for each day’s pic and the new techniques you try out in each piece and the design elements and personal challenges you through in, it’s very rewarding to see the results for me! I hope you guys also enjoy it!


Day 11: Willard White Burton

My Grandfather passed away recently and this was drawn after his memorial service while spending time with my family. He was a man who lived many adventures. He worked in an ice cream factory as a kid, graduated from the University of Richmond, and went to the Air Force and was part of a bomber crew. They crashed at the end of an iced up runway and he broke his leg as he was in the lower portion of the nose of the bomber. The rest of the crew got a new bomber and flew back into war. They did not all make it back. He came back from the war, married my Grandma Anabel, had three kids, worked as a chemist for Lucky Strike, retired, grew the most beautiful rose bushes you’ve ever seen, and was a pillar of our family. I have his old lighter and a couple of his tobacco pipes to remember him fondly by. This piece doesn’t look like him, but represents him well regardless.


Day 12:  Burn

Getting geared up for the Walking Dead Season Premiere, I just had to do a zombie piece! Burn was a good match for it, because of his special suit’s ability to unleash flames from his hands. A flaming zombie is always more fun than a regular zombie! I was really happy with the way this one turned out, from the background, to the profile shot of the zombie!

10.13.14Day 13: Negaton

Negaton is the nemesis to Proton, and a galactic threat. He fears nothing, and harnesses a hatred for Proton so intense, he would risk his life if it meant ending his enemy’s as well. He commands an army of space nomads , raiders, and pirates as his armada moves across the Cluster Galaxy preying on whomever he deems worthy. It was a bit rushed, but I like how it finished. I had to get the Kirby Krackle in on one of these pieces!


Day 14: Bulletproof

Bulletproof is a monstrosity. After attempting to sabotage a laboratory as a hired criminal, the job went bad and as a result he was caught in an explosion. The explosion bonded shrapnel from new metallic alloys being experimented upon to his bare skin. He had to undergo several procedures to allow his body to move with the heavy metal grafted to him, including cybernetic muscle enhancements. This has made him strong, deadly, and a bulletproof beast.


Day 15: Raindrop

Raindrop is just a California girl who happens to be part water nymph. She uses her powers like she lives her life, carefree! Her father is a wealth movie producer, so she’s never had to care about much else. As she learned to use her powers more and more, she attracted the attention of beings who would want to exploit her powers, but made some friends at the same time including Graystone and Madam Mystique!


Day 16: Madam Mystique

Did someone mention Madam Mystique? The Madam’s real name is Misty Maiden (Yes her parents were Hippies) and she found out as an adult that magic runs in her family. Her sister, Autumn Maiden, was a magical protector for all the realms, but after failing to protect herself, had to bring her sister into the fold with an emergency magical S.O.S. now Madam Mystique continues to master the world of magic and protect the entire world without them even knowing it.


Day 17: The Hooded Ronin

An oldie, but a goodie, The Hooded Ronin was a project I started years ago with Chauncey Blakey and JJ Murphy.  It’s a six issue mini series called The Hooded Ronin and the Six Masters of the Mind. The Hooded Ronin seeks revenge on six masters of various mental abilities like telepathy and telekinesis throughout the series. I still have faith one day this project will see the light of day!


Day 18: Excel

There are two versions of Excel in the Blackhole Universe, one is alternate version of Alex Hayden aka Amp. This one is a friend of Alex Hayden’s Micah Freeman. He developed and self tested a Speed Serum that gives him his powers, but he must keep a ready supply because the serum isn’t permanent. With it though, he speeds through the streets, keeping the world safe in times of emergency.  Another quick one, I kind of wish I’d spent a bit more time on it…


Day 19: Crash

Burn’s Partner in Crime, Crash also wears a special suit, but this one allows him to convert kinetic energy into enhanced speed and strength for short periods of time. He has a careless, head first and head strong mentality towards things that often gets Crash and Burn (See what I did! Their names are perfect!) into and sometimes out of trouble. This landed on episode two of the new Walking Dead season so it became a companion piece! Again love the background, the zombie, and I added in his jaw getting knocked off, but its a bit hard to see.


Day 20: Nimbulous

Earlier when talking about Raindrop and Madam Mystique, I mentioned forces that wanted to exploit her abilities. Meet said force. Nimbulous controls storm clouds and lightning, and in order to supplement and enhance his own abilities attempted to kidnap Raindrop! Luckily for her though Madam Mystique discovered her plight and recruited Graystone to help free her! I’m probably most happy with this piece out of the bunch. Love the dynamic pose, the contrast, and the lightning effects turned out really nice!


Well that’s the conclusion of Inktober Set 2! Let me know what pics are your favorites and feel free to drop criticisms and opinions! Come back for Inktober Set 3 later in the month and remember that the World is Ours to Make!


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