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If you didn’t already know, on Wednesdays (Aka New Comicbook Day) I work at Richmond Comix on Richmond’s South Side, where they are nice enough to give me a Pick of the Week! I post that pick on Instagram and Twitter, and then review that book/series here on Thursdays! Nick’s Pick this week is Invincible from Image Comics!


This is one of my top 5 series right now, and I could attempt to tell you all the specific reasons why, but I don’t think I have enough space on this page. I’ll have to summit it up as best as I can.

By far the biggest draw to this book it the sheer fact, you can never guess what’s going to happen. I’ve seen characters killed out of nowhere, betrayals you never would have guessed, and bigger than anything acceptance of scenarios traditionally  unaccepted by superheroes in comics! It’s tough to go into specifics without spoilers, but let’s compound it into the good guy doesn’t always win. For that matter, the good guy isn’t always the good guy! This book keeps you on your toes.

That being said, it also draws you in. It has pulls me into caring for the characters and sympathizing for them. There is a modern-day relate-ability I would compare to the troubles of Peter Parker when that book first came out. There are a great many non-superhero plot points that one could compare to a sit/com or soap opera, ar even a dramatic television series. The tone of the book changes from point to point and always in a seemingly natural way. I’ve literally read this book and stopped because I was simply stunned at what had just happened.

Being stunned by the story is one thing, but I’ve also been stunned by the art. Corey Walker and Ryan Ottley are the usual suspects for the book, tagging in and out seamlessly on artistic duties. Not only does this provide consistency for the book, but sometimes the visuals just blow, the already fantastic story, right out of the water and into full-scale epicness! At first glance it might be easy to assume its all fluffy fun superhero art too, but this is can be one of the most gore filled books on the shelf some days as well! After all Writer Robert Kirkman also created the Walking Dead, so that should come as no surprise.

The current issue, #116, isn’t necessarily the best jumping on part, and to be honest that might be the worst thing about this book. There is no real good jumping on part other than just diving in and getting your feet wet. I have to say though, this book rewards long time readers like no other. The constant teases into future story arcs, the support characters and the way their stories develop and intertwine, and call back to previous events make it an incredibly fun time if you’ve followed along the way!

If you have the time and money to dive into the collected editions of the series from the beginning I sincerely would recommend it! If not, but the book still interests you, and it should, check out the local comics shop and grab an issue and jump in! At some point you’ll catch on enough to know what’s happening and maybe you’ll want to go dig up those past stories!

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