Iron Man 3 Armor: My Thoughts

I actually like it alot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was not the popular opinion. It breaks away from the traditional looks of the Iron Man armor, minimizing the red and now focusing in on the gold as the primary color. Is that wrong? The armor was originally made of actual iron, but then went to a primarily gold look when he rebuilt it. In the early days of the Avengers his armor was gold. If anything you should wonder why it went primarily red!?! I feel like it being so blaring and “Bling” really speaks to Tony’s personality. I mean face it the guy loves attention, and this gets it! I give this look the A-Okay!


2 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 Armor: My Thoughts

  1. Even if that suit was laced with the “number #2” Robert Downey could pull it off like number 1.

    I particularly like the segmentations in this design, in the rib cage area. It reminds me of the silver and red suit in IRON MAN 2 when he fought on the raceway.

    Lead Out!

  2. Yeah I’m big on the segmenting too. I liked the suitcase armor in the second one more than the normal suit. I think the big draw for a while on the old Iron Man cartoon were all the different suits. It allowed you to put out a huge variety of toys and allowed for more diverse story-telling as far as environments go too. It did get alittle out of control though, like the samurai armor? Cool, but completely unnecessary….

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