It’s Time to Start the Hype For Proton #1!!!

The foundation of Blackhole Comics, is being laid down as we speak. We started in 2015 With Proton #0, and continued with Blackhole Universe #1. Now we begin 2016 with Proton #1!

If you were part of our Kickstarter Campaign, our launch at Richmond Comix, or came by our table at Heroes Con then you had the opportunity to start with Proton #0. If you didn’t, copies are still available at Velocity Comics in Richmond, B&D Comics in Roanoke, and here Digitally! In that milestone issue, we met Jo-Than and his home planet of Vellia. We learned that he was part of a bloodline destined in each generation to assume the mantle of Proton, and become the Cluster System’s greatest hero!

We also witnessed a great battle between Proton, and his rival Negaton that would have everlasting consequences. Now we pick up shortly after that story left off. There are new players in the game. new heroes, and new villains. In Proton #1 we get a larger taste of the planet Vellia, its culture, and the Proton lineage!

Here is a sneak peek at the process from pencils to final inks by the awesome Ruben Rojas!

Ruben and I are really excited to get this book out, and you should be too! We’re shooting for a late April/early May release, keep posted here for updates to make sure we’re on track! Also, if you want to pre-order a copy you can go to Richmond Comix, Velocity Comics, and B&D Comics to order it! If you aren’t near those shops, ask your shop to get in touch with us and order our titles!

We plan on having an amazing year here at Blackhole Comics as we continue to grow, so keep sending your support, and keep coming back here to see all the great things we have coming!

-Nick Flair!

Proton #0

  • Heroics are often told more through actions than with words. These are the heroic actions of a man called Proton. On his home planet of Vellia, in the Cluster System, his bloodline has protected the people of his world as long as most can remember. Once per generation his lineage produces a male heir containing the Proton Helix within, and the ability to become a force for good. This is the adventure of Jo-Than, the current Proton as he battles to save his people from rare monsters and evil armadas led by his nemesis, Negaton! Written by Nick Flair Art by Daniel Govar
  • 16 pages