Marvel’s Star Wars #1 Review

If you didn’t already know, on Wednesdays (Aka New Comicbook Day) I work at Richmond Comix on Richmond’s South Side, where they are nice enough to give me a Pick of the Week! I post that pick on Instagram and Twitter, and then review that book/series here on Thursdays! Nick’s Pick this week is Marvel’s Star Wars #1!!!


I know I’ve been reviewing a lot of Marvel books recently, but its hard to pass over the relaunch of a brand as big as Star Wars! Especially when the titles relaunching are going to be considered the only official universe cannon moving forward! There is so much hype around the upcoming Episode 7: The Force Awakens, and this book is right at the fore front of it! It’s been since the late 70’s since Marvel had the rights to Star Wars, and they intend to make the most out of the title’s homecoming, but here’s the real question; is it worth picking up?

I read a handful of the old Dark Horse Star Wars comics, but it never really took with me. I think the reasons for that were that I didn’t know a lot of characters, I was never really sure when in the timeline they took place, and there were a lot of Star Wars books! One time I actually picked up the right number issue to a different book and was lost… That one is on me, but you get my point. What Marvel is doing is very different from Dark Horse.

First off, there are only three books; Star Wars, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. I’m not going to confuse these books. In the first issue of Star Wars we see the entire cast from the first movie, and they reference events to let you know this takes place right after ‘A New Hope’ and before ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. That allows me to simply pick it up at a familiar and interesting point and enjoy the story!

Jason Aaron handles writing duties, and let me tell you, he nails it. The story has all the elements of the movies, the characters interact and talk like they’re portrayed in the movie. Its easy for me to tell that Han Solo is Han Solo and such, but I also get a little more of what makes them tick. Aaron does a great job giving me what I know, and letting me know there’s more to it.


Complementary to that is John Cassady’s art. If you enjoyed his run on Astonishing X-Men (SO GOOD!!!) or the work he’s done on Lone Ranger then you know how great this guy is! If you don’t know him, then you’re in for a treat on this book. He brings such a great likeness of character, it makes the book feel as if its lost footage from the movies. The action, the facial expressions, the clean crisp feel of the book combined with the stellar writing make this an absolute must read for me, and I imagine any Star Wars fan!

This book gets me pumped up for the other two books; Darth Vader and Princess Leia. They nailed Star Wars and weren’t afraid to put two top talents on the book. Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larocca will tackle Darth Vader and Mark Waid and Terry Dodson (With inks/colors by Rachel Dodson of course) will handle Princess Leia. With an exciting new trilogy of Star Wars films set to start in 2016, Marvel is leading the way and waiving the flag high for the anticipation fans are already mustering in high levels!


Here’s a small example of what I used to be confronted with when thinking about picking up a Star Wars book at the shop. (Sorry Dark Horse, but this is for the best.)


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