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If you didn’t already know, on Wednesdays (Aka New Comicbook Day) I work at Richmond Comix on Richmond’s South Side, where they are nice enough to give me a Pick of the Week! I post that pick on Instagram and Twitter, and then review that book/series here on Thursdays! Nick’s Pick this week is Mice Templar Volume 5 Issue #1!!!


I basically read this book specifically to compare to Mouse Guard after it left me somewhat wanting. This book lived up to my expectations much more. It being the first of the fifth volume of books, I’ve missed out on a considerable amount of story thus far, and am truly jumping in the middle of this book. Unlike in Mouse Guard however, there was a great recap page at the beginning that let me know tons of important information that made the transition into the story easier.

There are lots of strange names and different affiliations within the ranks of the Mice Templar, but thanks to  a chart of the various castes and alliances if I was curious, the information was there should I need it. The basic back story is that there is a mouse named Karic who is the “chosen one” of the Lord of Creation Wotan. There are questions though as to whether he will be a beacon of hope that leads to salvation, or a “weapon of vengeance” used by evil demons in their war against creation. Either way what we do know is the Mice Templar are rallying around him.

We jump in as the Templar attack the Mouse Capital, and the corrupt  King Icarus, as they attempt to survive an uprising from within their Kingdom as well. It’s very obvious from the beginning that I’d missed out on a lot, but the book was still able to keep my interest. I didn’t feel lost, but instead was caught up in the battle of Mice and Rats, Owls and Cats, and Bats and Snakes!!! Things got really crazy, but it was really fun!

Instead of feeling out-of-place and confused because I hadn’t read any previous issues, I actually wanted to pick up the back story and catch up to this Lord of the Rings type epic! The art was one of the best parts as Victor Santos knocked it out of the park! Michael Avon Oeming and Bryan J.L. Glass really created a very exciting world with a huge cast of unique and interesting characters that play out as cogs in this huge machine of a story. I really want to catch up on this series, and keep up with it moving forward!

I will say this was what I hoped for when I read Mouse Guard, but each book has merit. If you are looking for a more lighthearted, fun book, Mouse Guard is for you. If you want swashbuckling, war waging, sword slashing animal action, then Mice Templar is more your style! Check both out the Mouse Guard Review Here and compare the two for yourself!

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