New Comics Day with Nick Flair! 7/4/12

Ok kids, in case you don’t know, here’s how it goes: I rolled into Richmond Comix today and picked up some comics and now I’m gonna tell you why and how it was! Here’s the list! (I’ll apologize in advance that’s it’s 98% Marvel books, and try to vary it up some more next week!)

Age of Apocalypse #5 (Marvel) 3.5 out of 5 (Very Interesting)

I picked this book up because I have an affinity for the Age of Apocalypse. I’ve been reading the series and it’s been good enough for me to keep picking it up. I liked this issue more than the first 4 though! Interesting story lines are developing with Jean Grey, who in this universe has lost all her telepathic abilities. I really liked the art too, good job Davide Gianfelice! Even if you don’t follow the series this is a pretty good place to start.

Amazing Spider-Man #689 (Marvel)  4 out of 5 (NICE!)

Maybe its because I went to see the movie today, which is AWESOME by the way, but this was a really enjoyable read for me. I love what they’re doing with the Lizard right now, and you should too! Pick it up along with last weeks issue if you don’t already have it!


Deadpool #57 (Marvel) 3 out of 5 (Oh Deadpool!)

If you didn’t know already, Deadpool has lost his healing factor. I thought that might take away from the book some initially, but I still really like it! This maybe wasn’t the greatest issue, but I enjoy Deadpool having to take things just a bit more seriously with his life truly on the line for the first time! The plots are always fun, and now they’re getting a whole new dimension to them!

Ultimate Spider-Man #12 (Marvel) 5 out of 5 (Greatness)

Alot of people wondered if Miles Morales could live up to what Peter Parker built as the standard for being Spider-Man. I’m telling you after everything I’ve seen in this title so far, yes. Absolutely. The morals he displays in trying to stand up to his corrupt uncle, the Prowler, his personality, and overall strength in character is tremendous. Great action written in too with the gadgets the prowler uses. If you aren’t on this band wagon you are a silly goose. Don’t be a silly goose.

AVX aka Avengers Versus X-Men Round 7 (Marvel) 5 out of 5 (Sooo Good!)

This event started out really kind of slow for me. It seemed like the first 3 or 4 issues were all kind of the same, but now we’re getting to the meat and potatoes! There are lots of very interesting pieces coming together which will, hopefully, form a great ending to an epic event. The great art from Oliver Copiel is reminiscent of House of M and really makes this book that much better. I can’t help but be sucked in!

Invincible #93 (Image)  5 out of 5 (CHA-CHING!)

Not only does this issue fill us in on some of the background missing from Robot and Monster Girl’s time in the Flaxan dimension, but it sports great action! There are two double splash pages back to back that are pretty epic! This book inconstantly  delivers everything I could want in a superhero book!






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