Nick Flair and the Adventures of Heroes Con 2013!

I recently went to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. No biggie right? I’ve been there and done that afew times already. The big difference? THIS YEAR I BOUGHT A TABLE!!! Yeah Blackhole Comics paired up with our Friends over at and set up a table at the show! It was an adventure at every turn for certain, and I thought you might like to hear about it…

For starts we got drove from Richmond, Va to Charlotte, NC at 5am! I had just gotten home from the day job (Bartending) at 3:15am, so needless to say I didn’t even try to fool myself into thinking I’d get any sleep. I then drove the whole way and had some great comics talk with Neil Rickmond and Antonio Crew! Those kind of trips are fun and memorable like that. Then we got there just alittle later than we had planned, mostly because of an overturned truck on the way that slowed traffic to a stand still! We rushed in to get set up for the show, which was about to open to everyone at any minute!The people at the neighboring booths had to have chuckled to themselves at our frantic and ill prepared rush! After some trials and tribulations and some on our feet McGuyver-like thinking, we were set up! Antonio was convinced the white board I’d set up was 1. un-necessary, 2. would fall on my head. He was wrong on both accounts!

With little traffic heading our way, I kept trying to find something clever to write on the white board to sway people to our table. Finally I posted the current Poll question, Who would win in a fight, Booster Gold or Dazzler? This turned out to be just the icebreaker we needed for ourselves and the fans at the show! Alot of people chimed in and we had some great scenarios including a Groundhogs Day scenario where Booster wins, Blackbolt showing up and helping Dazzler win, and seduction on both ends leading to betrayal! Vote now on the homepage and let us know who you think would win! The best part about the question was it got our neighbor John Johnston in on the conversation! (Like him on Facebook!

The second day, we had a much higher volume of people in the building, and Antonio was sure to take advantage of it, selling the most popular piece of the weekend, Captain Lantern prints. Captain Lantern is an mash up of Captain America with a Green Lantern ring, and if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out! ( ) The Freestyle gang decide to participate in the Drink and Draw Social Club’s art contest, each adding their own flavor on the submissions! Antonio went with Tony Stark falling of the wagon, Chauncey rocked out alittle Conan action for his buddy Brian, and JJ went with the Deadpool/Headpool combo! All turned out pretty awesome if you ask me! Our poll the second day was Scarlet Witch versus Zatanna, and this time John Johnston threw out an awesome sketch to help promote the battle! He also weighed in heavy for the third day’s match up of Jason Todd (The Red Hood) versus Damian Wayne (Robin) He was alittle more biased on this match up, but rightfully so as it was the most one-sided matchup of the weekend!

The over all Heroes Con experience was so different behind a table! It was a big huge emotional roller-coaster! Was anyone going to pick up and be interested in the fruits of our labors? Would I walk away Proud? More Determined? Destroyed? Happy? Sad? Hungry? The answer was yes to all of thee above. I failed in some ways and was sad and destroyed by it, but also learned from it. I succeeded in some ways and was proud and happy about it. I walked away hungry for more challenges and determined to be better at any and every aspect of making comics I can. I’ve already got plans on plans of ways for the next event to go smoother and more successful, and am as motivated if not more than I’ve ever been!

The over all experience was amazing. I met a ton of cool people, had a lot of great conversations, and saw so much cool stuff I can’t even name it all!!! The costumes were also amazing this year just like any other and I wish I could have gotten more pics, but check out what I was able to get down below! Nick Flair and Blackhole Comics are going to get stronger than ever, and Heroes Con was a big step in that! The World is Ours to Make, and I’m learning better ways to make my world every day! Nothing will stop me. MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

-Nick Flair!

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