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If you didn’t already know, on Wednesdays (Aka New Comicbook Day) I work at Richmond Comix on Richmond’s South Side, where they are nice enough to give me a Pick of the Week! I post that pick on Instagram and Twitter, and then review that book/series here on Thursdays! Nick’s Pick this week is ODY-C #1 by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward!




As one may guess by the name, this is a re-telling of the Odyssey at its roots, although there are many drastic differences. To start, the this story takes a sci-fi/fantasy tone. It’s fairly to comparable to some of the more recent Final Fantasy games, if you’re familiar withe them, in that there is a heavy dose of advanced technology mixed in with themes and design elements from Greek Mythology. Also with some liberties in gender reversal with many of the story’s characters, we see Odyssia instead of Odysseus, and the majority of the Greek Gods, including Zues, are now Goddesses instead. The book seems to be the story most of us read in High School, but dipped in acid and then aired at 2am on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The story is laced in a poetic style of writing with curse words and a more modern vernacular sprinkled on top that help separate it from its ancestor, but the art is what really sets it apart. Abstract, trippy, and out there are the best ways I can think of to describe Christian Ward’s style in this brightly colored myth. The first taste is in the cover. It sets the tone for the vivid images that nest inside the book. It can be alittle disorienting at times in my opinion, but then perhaps that’s the intent?

If you’re a fan of Matt Fraction’s image work then this is likely going to be up your alley. If the preview art you’re seeing above is intimidating and a explodes all the color cones in your eyeballs, this one might not be for you! Ha ha! I personally was not over taken by it in the first issue, but that’s just me. I’m here to make my opinions and share them, you go make your own!

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The World is Ours to Make!

-Nick Flair!

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