Preview: Blackhole Universe #1

The anticipation has built, the work has been put in, and the final product is so close to finished! Blackhole Universe is a multi-story platform that allows you to get a taste of multiple characters and their adventures! The premiere issue will follow two characters; Cynical, and The Brick!

The two covers , each Spotlighting one of the two characters whose story is within, were done by the talented Ruben Rojas!  Ruben is also the artist for the Cynical tale inside, and for the next Blackhole Comics Title; Proton #1! His Cynical story is one about a dark and cold man who seeks power, and will stop at nothing to grasp it.

For the second story the Brick is taken on by artist Luca Cicognola! He brings The Brick to life as he finds himself hunted by a secretive group of ninjas known in small circles as the Five Headed Dragon Clan!


This is just the first issue of what I hope to be many fantastic stories helping bring the Blackhole Universe to life! Each issue will give you plenty of Wham, Pow, and Bang for your buck with the multiple heroes and villains contained within!  Check back here for updates on release, and digital purchase! Also if you haven’t checked out the previous title Proton #0 yet, get you digital copy below!!!

Proton #0

  • Heroics are often told more through actions than with words. These are the heroic actions of a man called Proton. On his home planet of Vellia, in the Cluster System, his bloodline has protected the people of his world as long as most can remember. Once per generation his lineage produces a male heir containing the Proton Helix within, and the ability to become a force for good. This is the adventure of Jo-Than, the current Proton as he battles to save his people from rare monsters and evil armadas led by his nemesis, Negaton! Written by Nick Flair Art by Daniel Govar
  • 16 pages

“The World is Ours to Make”

-Nick Flair!