Proton #0

Proton is the most major project by Blackhole Comics to date! It’s a 16 page story that introduces us to a hero from another world, a planet called Vellia. Proton is the mantle of a bloodline that has special attributes dating back longer than anyone can remember, and provides every generation of Vellians with a protector. This is the story of the current Proton as he receives word that his arch nemesis, Negaton, prepares for an attack on his home world. The art is masterfully done by Daniel Govar and if you haven’t been privileged enough to see his stuff before, You are in for a treat! Because I’m such a good guy, here is a preview page from the book:burton_proton_04_150

Check out more of Daniel here.

This zero issue will be a good stand alone story, but I hope to turn it into our first On-Going series here at Blackhole Comics! Stay tuned here at for progress on this project, and also remember you can donate to the project at anytime with the Paypal donate button on the left side of the page! Leave a note with your contact info with any donation, and I’ll send you a copy of Proton #0 when it’s finished with an Exclusive Variant cover! Support Independent Comics!!!

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