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If you didn’t already know, on Wednesdays (Aka New Comicbook Day) I work at Richmond Comix on Richmond’s South Side, where they are nice enough to give me a Pick of the Week! I post that pick on Instagram and Twitter, and then review that book/series here on Thursdays! Nick’s Pick this week is Image’s Rasputin!




The main reason I picked this up is one of the most common reasons anyone picks up a comic they’ve never read; I liked the art. We’re all guilty of it! Sometimes you see the art in a book and you just feel compelled to pick it up. The artist on this book is Riley Rossmo, and I first saw his work on Cowboy, Ninja, Viking. (Also from Image, if you can find it, grab it!) I thinks fun, and lends itself well to action stories specifically. That being said, this book isn’t as much action as his previous work, but still I really enjoyed it!

The story, by Alex Grecian, revolves around Russia’s “Mad Monk” Grigori Rasputin. The first issue begins as he sits down, preparing for what he believes to be his last meal as he suspects his good friends attempt to murder him. Then we flashback to the past as he grows up in an abusive home, in a cabin in Siberia. We find out much about Rasputin’s upbringing and how it affects him as he grows up. At the end the story moves once again to his older self dinning with his “Friends”.

Issue two picks up where the second leaves off at the dinner table, but again flashes back to part of Rasputin’s past. This time we see a slightly older version of himself in a bar as a fight breaks out. He comes out of the brawl as one of two men left standing, the other whom he quickly befriends. The glimpses into the past in this issue focus more on how he’s met some of his friends that he suspects are trying to kill him. Is he right?

I’ll tell you that reading this book is a quick read that can make you feel a bit cheated at first.The small amount of dialogue makes for a seemingly short story. Personally I felt that way for a moment or two, but then as I went back through and took in the art a little more I realized that was where the real value of the book was for me! The first two issues also came out fairly close together, so not having to wait for issues to come out is another added feature!

I’d recommend this book to fans of Rossmo, anyone who likes books of a historic nature, and anyone who is looking for an interesting, visually dynamic book that they can pick up every other week or so. It piqued my interest, and I’m glad I took a shot on it!

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