New Comics Day: The Results! Part 1

So I popped into Richmond Comix, who are excited for their 25th anniversary event this Saturday the 30th! They’ll have 25 Cent comics and 25% of just about everything in the store! Plus as a special bonus the guys from will be they’re doing some awesome sketches! Ok, now here’s what I picked up and what I thought:

1. All Star Western #10 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty Darn Good)

First off, this book is good bang for your buck. (Although it’d be better if they were still drawing the line at $2.99) You get 2 stories, the first of which centers around Gotham City in the wild west. The first page grabs your attention, and really gives you all the incentive you need to keep reading. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t follow the story because I hadn’t picked up previous issues, which is hard to do, and awesome when it’s pulled off! It had a lot of great things going on including; Bruce Wayne’s ancestor Alan Wayne, Jonah Hex, The Court of Owls, and even Dr. Amadeus Arkham!

2. Amazing Spider-Man #688  3 out of 5 (Nice and Enjoyable)

My Thoughts: I started reading this book and it jumped right into the action. Usually that’s awesome, but I felt like I had missed an issue at first. Then it jumped backwards to what had started off that action and explained it, which alleviated that feeling that I was an issue behind. In the middle of the book I got my bearings and in the end the reveal to what was going on was pretty cool. I definitely enjoyed it, but you have to keep in mind when you read Dan Slott’s Spider-Man, there’s going to be an arc more so than a single issue story. I like where this one is going, so you should jump in now!

3.Aquaman #10 3 out of 5 (Not too Shabby)

This book is what I like to think like a small cog in a clock. It’s necessary for the clock to work but not the most dynamic piece. It has incredible art by Ivan Reis that is hard to not just stare at in amazement! The story begins with some a really cool spy mission type action sequence and then short, but intense, battle between Aquaman and his archrival Black Manta. I’m interested in this story in the long run, but this single issue didn’t amaze me. I know something epic is coming though!

4.Flash #10 Sold out! Look for the review in part 2.

5. Hit-Girl #1 4 out of 5 (Socially Acceptable Ass Kicking)

This book picks up after Kick Ass and is the same team of Millar and Romita Jr. It focuses around Hit-Girl more (Obviously) as she tries to be a normal girl and all the social situations that come along with it. Same classic Kick Ass action, just looking at the story from a slightly different perspective.

6. Spider-Men #2 5 out of 5 (FREAKIN AWESOME)

This book is exactly what I wanted it to be! The art is amazing and spectacular (Yeah I said it!) and the way the Peter Parker and Miles Morales interact is priceless! Really great writing by Bendis both in dialogue and plot. The action is smart and really great. I literally flew through the pages to see what happened next, and then went back and just stared lovingly at the art. I cannot wait for the next issue! But I have to….

7.The Manhattan Projects #4 They had issue #4 but were sold out of issues #1-3. Look for the review in Part 2

8. The Ultimates #12 4.5 our of 5 (CRAZY!)

This whole series has been building to this issue so far, slowly gaining anticipation towards an ending. Keep in mind, this is the  Ultimate Universe, ANYTHING can happen! The dynamics between characters we all know and love are turned inside out and distorted into an entirely new and unfamiliar, but extremely interesting! I don’t want to ruin this for anyone so you’ll have to trust me when I say there are several ‘Wow’ and ‘No Way’ moments in this book! Pick up the trades if you haven’t been following this one!

9. Wolverine and the X-Men #12 Sold out! Look for the review in part 2


Check back soon for part 2 and the rest of the reviews!

-Nick Flair!

New Comics Day with Nick Flair!

Since its Wednesday, known all around the world as ‘New Comic Book Day’, I thought I’d share what I’m picking up and why! I’ll give you my thoughts on the titles in my stack, and why I think you should pick it up. After I read them, I’ll post a follow-up with whether or not it was a good decision or not. Let’s get started!

1. All-Star Western #10 (DC)
Why: I’ve heard so many good things about this book from friends, I finally decided I needed to give it a chance. I enjoyed the Blackest Night issue a while back, and though this is obviously different, I like western stuff! Maybe I should pick up some of the back issues first, but I’m daring. I’ll jump right in and see!

2. Amazing Spider-Man #688 (Marvel)
Why: It’s Spide-Man! Duh! I’ve been picking up this title for years and love it! I’ve fallen out of interest with some story arcs before, I admit, but it’s on a hot streak with the Big Time and End of the World story arcs! This is a good jumping on point if you’ve been out of the loop for a bit. Plus, JUST LOOK AT THE COVER!

3. Aquaman #10 (DC)
Why: Since Brightest Day Aquaman is, I dare say, more interesting and dynamic than ever! I’ve picked up this book since issue 1 and Geoff Johns is really doping great stuff with a character that had been made into a bit of a joke. The art is amazing, thank you Ivan Reis! Be warned, you’ll need to go back and pick up previous issues to follow the story.

4. The Flash #10 (DC)
Why: The dynamic and fun art from Francis Manapul could sell this book alone, but the story has been really fun as well! I feel like even if you haven’t been picking this up, you can jump in and enjoy it at any time! Do yourself a favor and pick this up if you aren’t already!

5. Hit-Girl #1 (Icon)
Why: It’s Hit-Girl. She’d kick my butt if I didn’t pick it up! If you’re a fan of Kick Ass, then this is a must. Obviously for more mature readers.

6. Spider-Men #2 (Marvel)
Why: That’s right Spider-MEN not MAN! This is the first crossover between the mainstream Marvel Universe and the Ultimates Universe! Miles Morales and Peter Parker meet up and kick butt! The first issue was great both in story from Brian Michael Bendis and in art from the spectacular Sara Pichelli! GET THIS BOOK!

7. The Manhattan Projects #4 (Image)
Why: Jonathan Hickman. I missed the first 3 issues, so I’ll be attempting to pick those up as well. I went to the panel for this book at Charlotte and really felt that I was missing out! I’m a big fan of Hickman, and literally have not read anything he’s written that I didn’t like.

8. Ultimates #12 (Marvel: Ultimate Comics)
Why: This story has been building up for a while, and it’s been really exciting! in the Ultimate Universe, it’s all the characters you know from Marvel, but here’s the thing, anything can happen to them! THEY KILLED PETER PARKER! NO ONE IS SAFE! It’s watching the Flying Graysons perform…. without a… net. Oh. Too Soon? My bad, sorry Dick.

9. Wolverine and the X-Men #12
Why: It’s a fun book! For get the whole Avengers versus X-Men tie in, this book has some great characters in it. Kid Gladiator always looking for something to smash, Quentin Quire attempting to redeem himself, and Genesis (Aka Kid Apocalypse) who could become evil and destroy the world any second! These are the reasons to pick up this book.

Just because I didn’t list something doesn’t mean it also isn’t great, it’s just not in my budget and not on my list. I’ll be heading down to Richmond Comix to pick these up, same as I’ve been doing since I was 9 years old! If anything is sold out I’ll pick it up online through and read it digitally, and as soon as I read them, I’ll let you know what I think! Be sure to check back, and feel free to add your opinion in the comments section!

-Nick Flair!