The Poster: An Ode to Arthur Adams

When I was a kid, I had this horrible rainbow wall paper covering one side of my room. I hated it. When I turned about 9 years old, I decided I needed cooler stuff on the walls, so what did I do? Of course I started thumb tacking some of my worn off comic covers to the wall. My parents realized my need for an awesome poster, and bought me an Arthur Adams X-Men poster featuring 16 X-Men!

I hung it in the center of one of the blank walls, making it the center piece of my room. I stared at this poster in amazement so many times, it’s almost like I know every inch of it. It had characters I knew and loved like Colossus and Nightcrawler, characters I didn’t know like Psylocke before she switched bodies and Sunfire in his original costume, and then my favorites in some of their best looks like Storm with her Mohawk, the original X-Men in their matching X-Factor uniforms, and Wolverine in the brown suit. The coolest thing to me for some reason in this poster though, is the fact that Havok is missing his legs. The Characters in the foreground are stacked as they stand ready for action, and you can follow everyone’s legs down and find them in the right place. If you look for Havok’s though you won’t find them. Why do I love this so much? No clue. Maybe it’s because of the error itself or maybe because I didn’t even realize it for years because there was so much to absorb about this piece. There are the textures of their clothes, the realistic look of their hair, Facial expressions that capture their personalities, it was the perfect storm of X-Men characters for the time!

Bottom Line, it’s my favorite X-Men piece, and I still have it framed in my apartment to this day. For anyone who hasn’t checked out Arthur Adams’ work, your missing out! He was a big influence for alot of artists that are big today especially Humberto Ramos! Art has been doing comics since waaaay back, and you’re stilling seeing his art today whether you know it or not! To me, He’s right up there with Ditko, the Romitas, and Jim Lee as some of the great lasting extremely talented artists in comics history. He may not come up in conversation as much, but he helped build my love of comics and possibly even yours too. Ok fine, I’ll do you a favor and add some bonus Arthur Adams art below for you to drool over. Your Welcome, and don’t forget the world is ours to make.

-Nick Flair!