Finding our Identity

Its been a crazy road so far in the last 3 years for us here at Blackhole Comics! We’ve gone from printing a handful ashcans at Office Max to printing full sized issues in much larger print runs, we’ve got our books in multiple comic shops, and we’ve gone from selling nothing at conventions to breaking even! We’ve found some amazing artists to work with like Daniel Govar, Ruben Rojas, Brian Middleton, Luca Cicognola, Anderson Carman, Kieth Silverman, Antonio Crew, JJ Murphy, Chauncey Blakey, and John Johnston! I also like to think we found a little bit more about ourselves as well…

Our tone and our style isn’t the same as Marvel or DC, we aren’t as gritty as Image or Vertigo, we aren’t as dark or as adult as some of the other guys out there, and that’s ok. It’s not to say those sort of stories aren’t enjoyable, or even that they aren’t in our future, I think what it says is we’re focusing on light hearted superhero comics. I think that with the dark overtones in a lot of the superhero stuff out there right now, that’s a good thing.

We know that our target audience isn’t necessarily the guy that picks up 20 books a week at the comic shop, but maybe he’ll like it too, and add it to his list. We’re maybe better suited to some of the younger kids that want to get into reading comics, and need something of their own, something their generation can grow with. It’s good to know who your audience is, and I think we’re starting to figure that out.  As we near completion of our 3rd different title, Quinn-Finity, we still have so many characters and so much story to tell, we can only hope you’ll be patient with us as we do our best to grind it all out!!!

Being a small local self publisher, we’re doing our best with the resources we have. We’ve come a long way, and plan to go even farther! We hope you’ll stick along for the ride. 😉 Until then though, I hope you’ll enjoy this teaser poster of things to come by Ruben Rojas! Follow us on twitter @BlackholeComics to get more info on the characters!


And of course remember… The World is Ours to Make!

-Nick Flair!

#Inktober Set 3

This is the third and final set for Inktober! This was a huge personal accomplishment, knowing I’m more writer than artist I wasn’t sure I’d be able to follow through with all 31 days. I planned out the characters I’d draw for the most part, and stuck to devoting an hour at least every day to it, and somehow I managed to draw and ink a pic every day in October! It got more challenging than I thought towards the end, but I plugged away and forced myself to do it! haha Thanks to all my Instagram friends for keeping me motivated!!! Shout out to @



Day 21: The Goblin Princess (Aka Ruby June)

On October 21st, 2014, my best friend Richie and his wife Emily gave birth to their first child. They wanted to wait to name her because they felt like they needed to meet her first and make sure it fit. I had jokingly referred to her as Goblin since she didn’t have a name yet and since she was due near Halloween, it kinda stuck. To me, Ruby June will always be a Goblin Princess! (Yes I will fight David Bowie for her if need be.)


Day 22: Hurricane

Sometimes the lines between good and bad are blurred. We’ve all been there where things have gotten alittle gray as far as what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s a running theme with Hurricane. He has alot of power and although we all know that also comes with responsibility, it does not come with control. Can he control his powers and his emotions? The answer will define if he’s hero or villain. I got really squibbly with the lines on this trying to portray rushing winds, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Go figure.


Day 23: The Black Whisper

The Black Whisper, a deadly ninja and one of the leaders of the Five Headed Dragon Clan. He represents the younger generation of this ancient organization, and is one of the more ruthless of the Five Heads. I was definitely inspired by Karate Kid movie for the costume, something about a simple black and white skeleton costume that tells you all you need to know about him I think. The Black Whisper is the last thing you hear before death. I like the way the pose turned out, especially the arms and positioning of the swords! I was pretty proud of this one.


Day 24: The Eccentristatic Man

There is a four issue mini series I wrote a few years ago called the Eccentristatic Man. In a world where bio-electromagnetic fields are used to determine status and wealth, those with weak personal B.E.M.’s are forced to live lowly lives and fight for scrapes and slaving work. Vance worked with a crazy old scientist who wanted to make all B.E.M.’s equal and change the world. What he did was create an Eccentristatic Man with more power than their world had seen! I wanted to do more lightning so I figured this would be a good chance! haha


Day 25: Sarah Squires

Who is Sara Squires? Is she a trusted member of the Five Headed Dragon Clan? A valued member of Black Whisper’s army? IS she a secret agent? A spy? Is she a Hero? A Villain? All of those things? None of them? Sara Squires is a question mark, with more than one answer. Again, tried a dynamic pose, I think it turned out ok. The hair got alittle silly on me and I hate the hands, but it was a leap out of my comfort zone, so I still feel like I benefited from it.


Day 26: Crash and Burn

So again it was Sunday, and again Walking Dead was on my mind, so again I drew Crash and Burn, but together this time! These guys are partners in crime, and no matter what they do it always seems like a horrible idea! And even though Burn thinks Crash’s plans are always doomed to failure, he sticks by his side. These guys! Always fun to do a piece with them! I stuck with the black background and white detailing to make it seem like it was night, and I added in some extra background zombies for fun!


Day 27 An Igneon

Igneon’s are large creatures that dwell in space. They tuck up into a ball, making them look much life an asteroid or comet, and use small crater-like holes on their back to propel themselves through space by releasing bursts of gas. They can unleash powerful blasts of bio-energy from their mouths capable of penetrating even a protonic energy shield! They were encounter long ago by an ancestor of the current Proton’s, and considered to be extinct for years! Day 27 was a very frustrating day for me and it turned into a very aggressive style that I think worked out pretty well for this piece! Sometimes if you channel your frustration in the right way, you can surprise yourself!


Day 28: Marksman

Again on Day 28, very frustrated. I was struggling for inspiration, but managed to knock out this piece. Marksman is an Olympic Medalist in various shooting categories as well as archery. Becoming bored with the competitions he was participating in, he decided to take on the world of Vigilantism. Just because you wear a costume and give yourself a snappy name, doesn’t make you Batman though… I tried to get a dynamic action scene going on here with him falling out of the window and firing off some shots, it didn’t work as well as I had hoped, but its something to work from next time.



Day 29: Skull

The San Diego based gang, The Jaded Souls, are led by an enigma of a man named Skull. His skin is literally made of Jade, and its said that he has the ability to turn from the rock skin to flesh and blood, but that he rarely does it because his body bares painful scars and mutilations from a horrific accident! He’s become fascinated and borderline obsessed with Graystone, due to the similarity in their abilities, and has made it his gang’s mission to find out more about him. After all the other Inktober pics, my tools where starting to fade, but I think it worked out kinda cool for some of this background! I was almost there and just had to keep chipping away…


Day 30: Guardian

Finally! I had waited for Day 30 to do a Guardian pic, because he’s my bread and butter! This is one of the first heroes I created and was the lead in the first comic I ever printed! Guardian has the ability of flight, enhanced strength, can release energy bursts in various ways, and change his body into a pure energy form. He often finds himself battling Cynical and always fights for the greater good of the world! I wanted to get the feel of a rural area lit up at night as he flies above it, so I did all black with the white Gelly Roll pen to pop out some lights.  I imagined him lifting some heavy attached to the chain to save some people, and now I kinda wish I’d fleshed that idea out some more and shown what it was he was lifting. Lesson learned! Still like the dynamics going on here though.


Day 31: Proton

I figured why not end this with the same character I began with? I could maybe see alittle improvement in my work by comparing the two Proton pics side by side right? I feel like I improved, although I still certainly have a long way to go in the anatomy department, and I’m lacking a certain level of detail in all these drawings, but I feel I’ve challenged myself in backgrounds, dynamic poses, and overall design creativity with much success!

Look for more Proton action sometime in 2015 as I plan to release a 16 page Proton Issue#0!!! Stay tuned here at for more info on that and other projects!!! Also, don’t forget that the World is Ours to Make!

Nick Flair!