The Allure of Comics Rant

So I’ve just returned from Richmond Comix 25th Anniversary event, and it was great! The guys from were doing some awesome sketches (Be sure to check out there site soon for pics), all kinds of nerds were rifling through boxes and boxes of 25 cent comics, and kids were being introduced to and enjoying all kinds of superheroes! It got me thinking about how alluring comics are.

I remember the first time I got a comic. It was at a 7-11 and my babysitter, Amy, bought me a pack of bonkers (Old school candy), a Slurpee, and 2 comic books. I suspect they were to keep me occupied for a rare moment or two. I got home, ate the candy and drank the slurpee, and proceeded to bounce off the walls. Then I got a tummy ache, and was quite uncomfortable. That’s when I read the Avengers West Coast comic I had gotten. It had Wonder-Man and his brother, The Grim Reaper, fighting. The characters were all so colorful and interesting! I could read all the words, but I soaked in  the art as much as I could. I stared at them and took in every detail. I was amazed! I then moved on to the next comic, the Uncanny X-Men! Cyclops was livnig in the Savage Land, and had to deal with dinosaurs! I LOVED DINOSAURS! It was also around the time Storm had been turned into a vampire, and she had this creepy zombie dream! I was hooked!

What was it about those comics that got me over a good novel? My sister always made fun of me because it took me longer to learn to read than it did her. I had a hard time paying attention to all the words. I loved being read to and learning stories, but a page full of words couldn’t hold my attention. A page full of pictures, however, I could pay attention to all day! I think the allure of comics is truly the harmony of great captivating art, and exciting and fantastic story telling. Suddenly I was bugging my parents to know what this word meant and what that word meant. Eventually they made me start looking them up in the dictionary, which I did so I could know what was happening in the story. Obviously, that led to me making up my own stories, something I still do to this day! It’s what I’m passionate about. A big supporter of my passion has been Richmond Comix. Happy anniversary guys, and thanks for 25 years of support! It’s crazy, I know, but the world is ours to make.

-Nick Flair!

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