The Motivation Rant

Sometimes I like to go off on little rants about things, and today I’ve decided that motivation is something rant-worthy for me right now. Why? Obviously I’m trying to self-motivate! Hahaha! Here goes nothing!

When I am motivated: I have an idea. That idea becomes something infectious that I can’t stop thinking about or working on until I reach a point where I’m happy with it. It could be a story plot, a character concept, or specific action sequence. It could be single word or phrase that I just need to work into something. I become almost relentless in my attempts to get what’s in my head into a word file or onto a piece of paper. (Yes I actually use pen and paper from time to time. I recommend everyone does, especially if working poolside!) It’s funny because as I write this I wish I had more of my comics complete and posted to point out the times I became maddeningly motivated, but I don’t so I can’t. I’m going to have to become motivated to make that happen!

When I am not motivated: I try really hard to force ideas. That doesn’t ever really result in something amazing or even something I bother to complete. I’ll start something, and maybe it’ll be a decent idea, but it’s the kind of thing that gets shoved to the side once I have a new idea.

Why I write even when not motivated: The answer is; because I’m still writing. I’m working out my “writing muscles”. If I just don’t write anything at all, I might get rusty or forget how to do it all together! I’ve also had times where I’ve gone back over something I trashed to see if there were any good elements I could recycle. Sometimes there are. Other times there aren’t, but I can read what I wrote, see why it didn’t work, and improve from that knowledge.

These are just some random thoughts on motivation because I’m trying to get back in that mindset. My goal for 2012 was to increase my personal production from 2011 and so far I have writing 15 issues worth of story scripts! This includes 4 Chapters in what I’m planning as my first graphic novel! There’s still alot of time left in the year, and I truly want to take advantage of all of it! Now if only I could find more artists to work with, you guys would really reap the benefits!!! 😉 Until then I look around and realize the world is ours to make!

-Nick Flair!



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