Welcome to Blackhole-Comics. com! My name is Nick Flair, and this is my site. I want to start by telling you what I’m all about, and that’s comics! I love reading them, talking about them, and creating them. I’ve been creating characters and writing stories for the last 10 years or so. Now I’m slowly, but surely, moving into actually creating comics! That’s where Blackhole Comics enters the picture. It’s the name of my imprint for the comics I make. I’ll be trying to reach the world through this website! I want my ideas and opinions out there through my stories, and this is my way of trying to get them to you. I’d love to see what people have to say about my work, both good and bad. I’m out to get better, and that’s not gonna happen with sugar-coated praise! My first project completed is an 8 page ashcan titled ‘Guardian’. It’s an original character in a short, all ages, format. You can even check it out for free here on my site digitally!!! So let’s get started with this and see where it takes us! THE WORLD IS OURS TO MAKE!!!!!!!!!


Nick Flair!

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