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So I feel bad. I haven’t updated the site with a good article in a hot minute! I have another ‘For the Love of’ article I’m working on, but it’s not quite done yet. I am writing plenty though friends, and just to prove I thought I might treat you guys to something I’ve never done before. I’m posting the most recent short store script I wrote! It’s for another 8 page ashcan called The Wanted Man. The title of the ashcan’s story is ‘The Squid”. It’s set in a Pulp Comic type atmosphere with a Noir feel to it. Check it out below and PLEASE feel free and encouraged to leave criticisms and comments below! I have thick skin and love learning from mistakes, so let em rip! Hopefully this is something cool to make up for not posting in a bit 😉 ENJOY!

-Nick Flair!

Monday September 10th, 2012
The Wanted Man Ashcan
The Squid

Page 1:
Panel 1: We see a warehouse from an aerial view. Looking downward at the complex, we can see through the skylight that lights are on. Maybe even we can see a few men standing around in a circle underneath the skylight.
Caption 1: Inside a closed warehouse in the Industrial District.
Panel 2: Now inside the warehouse, we see a gathering of underworld men. Twelve men stand around, some leaning on crates, some looking around in paranoia, others tending to business. One lone man sits at a desk, writing information down in a book.
Tony: LOOK. I am Tony Ferro. I WROTE the book on how to run an outfit! You don’t do it by cutting territory from the guys that are successful Bobby!
Bobby: I understand your frustration Tony. This is what Shade says though. You know that means I don’t have a choice, and quite frankly, neither do you.
Henchman 1: Hey, any of you guys getting that vibe?
Henchman 2: I did just get a chill…

Page 2:
Panel 1: A man in a trench coat stands, mostly disguised by the shadows, at the doorway.
Shadowed Man: I’m not part of this, but I would have to agree with Tony on this one.
Tony: Hey, hit the road Jack, this is a private meeting!
Bobby: Who the hell are you?
Panel 2: A close up as the man’s face is revealed by the light. His face is still hidden however, as a black paint surrounds hihs eyes like a domino mask, but with several finger smudges that resemble a Squid’s tentacles.
The Squid: Not ‘Jack’.
Panel 3: The two spooked henchman recognize ‘Jack’ for who he really is.
Henchman 1: Oh no… That’s him…
Henchman 2: The SQUID!

Page 3: (Panels 1-3 are smaller and lined up at the top of the page accenting panel 4 as the main focus of the page)
Panel 1: Close up on a gun being pulled from a holster under one of the men’s jacket.
Panel 2: Close up as one of the men brandishes a knife.
Panel 3: Close up as brass knuckles slide onto the fingers of one of the men.
Panel 4: The Squid stands surrounded by ten men, all threatening with a weapon of some sorts.
Bobby: I heard, they called you the Squid because you could take ten men in a fight, almost like you had ten arms. Now, I don’t see no extra arms, but let’s put the rumor to the test…

Page 4: (Panel scheme mirror’s previous page)
Panel 1: Close up as the gun comes out of the henchman’s hand, seemingly pulled into the thin air.
Panel 2: Close up as the same thing happens to the knife.
Panel 3: Close up as the same thing happens to the brass knuckles.
Panel 4: The Squid stands in the middle of the men with their weapons levitating in the air in front of them, pointed in their faces in a threatening manner.
Bobby: How in the Hell!?!?!
Squid: Rumors aren’t always lies Bobby. Now we could do this the easy way…

Page 5:
Panel 1: Close up as the hammer cocks back on one of the guns. The man in front of it cringes in fear.
Squid: I could just pop you all right now and be done with it.
Panel 2: The guns levitate away from the men and in towards the Squid.
Squid: But I guess it’s your luck day fellas…
Panel 3: The Squid puts the guns in the pockets of his trench coat.
Squid: I feel like I need to stretch my arms though, so let’s to this the hard way.
Panel 4: Putting up his fists like a boxer, the Squid prepares to take them all on at once.
Squid: Let’s go.
Panel 5: With a right jab, the Squid begins to engage on of the henchmen. Behind him we see the others preparing to rush him.

Page 6:
Panel 1: Two of the men charging from behind are stopped as their knives point at their throats, stopping them in their tracks.
Panel 2: One of the men is knocked out by the brass knuckles, which seem to have a mind of their own.
Panel 3: The Squid knocks out one of the men with a right cross.
Panel 4: One of the henchmen grabs the Squid from behind in a bear hug.
Panel 5: Bobby gets involved and takes a swing, connecting with the Squid’s face.
Panel 6: The Squid kicks Bobby painfully in between the legs.
Panel 7: The man holding the Squid is stabbed in the leg by one of the knives.
Panel 8: Tony runs towards the Squid with a crowbar in hand.
Tony: You Bastard!

Page 7:
Panel 1: The Squid stands unflinching in front of Tony as the crobat stops in his hand, frozen in place.
Tony: What the!?!
Panel 2: The Squid uppercuts Tony, knocking him out.
Panel 3: Standing in the middle of the warehouse, the Squid looks at then men all lying on the ground either in agony or out cold.
Panel 4: The man with the ledger tries to sneaks behind some crates.
Panel 5: He stops cold as the Squid stands in front of him with his hand out.
Squid: The ledger. Please.
Panel 6: The police raid the warehouse, pouring in through the doors, and expecting heavy resisstance.
Panel 7: All they find is the Squid’s left overs, the men still lying on the ground in pain or unconscious. The ledger is taped to Bobby’s limp body. A piece of paper is pinned to his shirt with a crudely drawn squid on it.
Panel 8: The Squid stands on a rooftop across the street, watching as the police pull in their catch.
Squid: You know, you’re not a bad person. I don’t know why you insisst on creating that image for yourself.

Page 8:
Panel 1: Facing the Squid, we see over his shoulder as a woman in black and purple stands behind him.
Woman: I don’t know what you mean. I have a deep love for greed. It’s almost an insatiable. I’ll do what ever necessary to get what I want Mr. Squid.
Panel 2: She pulls a gun to the back of his head, as the Squid stands un-phased.
Woman: Even kill. As I understand it, you yourself are a wanted man. That’s a reward I wouldn’t mind claiming.
Squid: HA! The Shade turning the Squid in to the police for a reward! That I’d like to see!
Shade: But you wouldn’t see anything with a bullet in yout head would you?.
Panel 3: Two guns levitate to either side of the Shade’s head.
Squid: No, but then I don’t suppose you could pull a trigger with two bullets in your head could you?
Panel 4: The Shade fades away into invisibility through a purple and black fog.
Shade: Touché hero…
Panel 5: The Squid looks out on an empty rooftop with the moon lighting the sky and speckled city lights in the background.
Squid: Good night my love…

End Issue.


These are the general page outlines I did at first to help figure out the books flow:

1-Mob gathered to discuss territory boundaries and collect dues, that are put into their ledger
2-The Squid walks in calmly
3-The men pull guns, knives, brass knucks and threaten him
4-Their weapons are pulled from their hands and pointed back at them, doesn’t like guns. discards
5-using only the brass knucks and knives, he non lethally attacks the men
6-Squid stands victorious and the cops show up
7-The ledger goes to the cops and the Squidescapes to the rooftop where he watches the cops arrest the men. He talks to a stranger
8-The Shade reveals herself to Squid as they exchange a flirtatious and nemsistic dialogue ending the ashcan

Hope you guys thought this was awesome and it inspires you, and always remember the world is ours to make!

3 thoughts on “Yes I’m working, even when it doesn’t look like it!

  1. Nice stuff here! Glad to see you’re still in the groove. I’m feeling the ending, it’s perfect for drawing people in to see what’s next. I’m wondering myself what history those two have had…

  2. I’m glad you took your own advice and showed the public some of your process!

    Entertaining story, I like the crazy crossover in genre like pulp/noir.

    As far as your invitation to rip into this I’ll shoot you an email from the perspective of Chauncey Blakey EIC of Liquid Comics

    Lead out this piece!

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